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What Is Dog World In Pet Simulator X?

Dog World is a brand-new area in Pet Simulator X. Here's everything you need to know about it!
What Is Dog World In Pet Simulator X?

Are you a dog person? If so, you're in for a real treat because the next Pet Simulator X update will introduce the brand-new Dog World! Of course, this latest news has sparked much excitement throughout the digital pet collectors community.

This is especially since Roblox players have been requesting that a Dog World be added to Pet Simulator X for the longest time. And now, it seems like their desperate pleas have finally been heard. Yipee. So continue reading to learn everything about this newest puppy-lovers paradise!

Updated on 27 May 2023: Dog World is a brand-new world in Pet Simulator X, with new pets and areas to go along with it!

How To Get To Dog World In Pet Simulator X

You can access Dog World in Pet Simulator X through Limbo. However, you must have Kawaii World unlocked. Once you have access to Dog World, you'll be able to explore four new areas: Dog Park, Dog City, Dog Firehouse, and Dog Mansion

All Dog World Pets

pet sim x dog world pets

What's a new world in Pet Simulator X without new pets to go along with it? That being said, Dog World will feature a ton of digital companions that you can hatch -- 17 to be exact, including two new Huge Pets: Huge Firefighter Dalmatian and Huge Basketball Retriever.

We've listed some of them below.

  • Dog Umbrella
  • Dog Basketball
  • Dog Firefighter
  • Dog Skateboard
  • Dog Bubble
  • Dog Detective
  • Dog Robber
  • Dog Punksky
  • Dog Torpedo
  • Corgi Atomic
  • Dog Nerd
  • Dog Wizard
  • Hotdog
  • Dog Gamer
  • Dog Tiedye

Note: You can find three eggs with their golden variants. The final Dog Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Firefighter Dalmatian; however, you'll need to be in Hardcore Mode to hatch the Huge Basketball Retriever from this egg instead.

Better still, you can hatch the Hot Dog from any egg in the Dog World! Also, you can unlock the final area, Dog Mansion, to break the Giant Dog Chest And that's everything we know about Dog World in Pet Simulator X. Good luck hatching these dawgs!

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