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Pet Simulator X: Pinata Dog Value - What Is It Worth?

Interested in adding the Pinata Dog to your collection in Pet Simulator X? Find the latest trade values right here!
Pet Simulator X: Pinata Dog Value - What Is It Worth?

Are you on the lookout for the most up-to-date Pinata Dog value in Pet Simulator X? Look no further! This guide will provide you with the latest trade values and prices but also valuable information on how to get the Pinata Dog in Pet Simulator X.

Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the game, we've got you covered. With the Pinata Dog introduced in the 29 April 2023 update, we'll ensure you're well-prepared with knowledge of its worth and expert advice for making informed trading decisions.

Updated on 14 May: The Pinata Dog was released on 29 April during the Cinco de Mayo Event in Pet Simulator X. You can hatch it from the Pinata Egg. You can find the values below.

Pet Simulator X: Pinata Dog Value & Price


The Pinata Dog is available by hatching the Pinata Egg in Pet Simulator X. But, the grizzly truth is that many Roblox players either struggle or cannot get the Pinata Pet and resort to trading Gems to add these pets to their collection in Pet Simulator X. That's why we've created the table below to help you determine the best possible trade value of the Pinata Dog in Pet Simulator X, whether you're a buyer or a seller.

Pinata Dog Value

Regular version 2 million diamonds
Gold version 5 million diamonds
Rainbow version 20 million diamonds
Dark Matter version * 80 million diamonds
Shiny version ** 10 million diamonds

Note: The value of the Pinata Dog in Pet Simulator X is subject to change due to factors such as in-game updates, enchantments, and market fluctuations. The table above provides an estimate of the current value of each rarity, but it may not be accurate in the future. Also, only pets with damage stats can be Dark Matter variants, while any pet has a chance to be hatched as a Shiny.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get Pinata Dog

As mentioned above, you can get the Pinata Dog in Pet Simulator X by hatching the Pinata Egg, which you can only get by breaking pinatas during the 29 April 2023 Cinco de Mayo Event. Since this is a limited-time event, you likely won't have another opportunity to grab one apart from trading with other players at the Trading Booth later on. Of course, there is a slim chance it could return as a future event-exclusive reward, but we wouldn't bet on it. So it's best to try to get your hands on one now while you can.