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Roblox Project Mugetsu: All Of The Best Clan Buffs Explained

Discover the power that each clan holds as we discuss each of the clan buffs you can get in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
Roblox Project Mugetsu: All Of The Best Clan Buffs Explained

In Roblox's Project Mugetsu, players not only choose from four different races but also have a diverse array of clans to align themselves with. Each clan offers a unique set of abilities, which can be customized, but the passive buffs remain fixed. Understanding these buffs is essential to fully capitalize on their benefits and choosing the right clan for you.

With a lengthy list of clans to navigate, it can be overwhelming to comprehend them all at once. To aid you in this endeavor, we've compiled this guide. Below, you'll find the comprehensive list of all the best clans in Project Mugetsu, along with the associated buffs for each clan.

Best Clan Buffs in Project Mugetsu Detailed

In Project Mugetsu, clans are categorized based on their strength, utility, and, most importantly, rarity, beginning with Common and progressing through Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, War Powers, and finally, Transcendent. While Transcendent clans may seem like the pinnacle, all clans from Rare upwards offer significant benefits, potentially even surpassing Transcendent clans based on your play style.

Project Mugetsu All Best Clan All clans
While this list will focus on Rare clans and above, there are a total of 6 clans you can join, and if you want to change it you can roll for a new clan from the customize character menu. (Picture: Shane / Roblox)

It's worth noting that to reroll your current clan, access the main menu and select "customize." Here, you can view the number of free rerolls available, after which Robux is required for further rerolls, just in case you decide that you want to take the chance for a better clan that you see below.

Now, let's delve into each clan, starting from the lowest rank to the highest:

Project Mugetsu Rare Clans Buffs

These have a 10% chance of being assigned.

  • Iba Clan: Enhances Fist damage, Mastery, and Strength under specific health conditions.
  • Amagi Clan: Grants Fire Resistance and enhances damage reduction and Strength under specific health conditions.
  • Hirako Clan: Increases Speed, Max Reiatsu, Flash Step, and all Mastery attributes.
  • Kira Clan: Boosts Max Reiatsu and Sword Mastery.
  • Valkyrie Clan: Increases damage when health is low.
  • Sarugaki Clan: Enhances M1 Range, Speed, and Fist and Sword Speed.
  • Ushoda Clan: Debuffs opponents' attacks when unleashing your Ultimate ability, with longer-lasting effects.

Project Mugetsu Legendary Clans Buffs

These have a 4% chance of appearing.

  • Jaegerjaquez Clan: Increases Max Reiatsu, Sonido Speed, overall speed, and Flash Step.
  • Unohana Clan: Boosts Max Reiatsu, and Sword Damage, and provides a Mastery buff.
  • Shihoin Clan: Enhances damage under low health conditions and increases Fist Damage.
  • Ichimaru Clan: Enhances Max Reiatsu, provides poison immunity, reduces Stun, and increases Sword DEF and Speed.
  • Hitsugaya Clan: Increases Sword Damage, HP, Blocking, and Reiatsu.
  • Hisagi Clan: Boosts Sword Damage, Reiatsu, HP, and Blocking.

Project Mugetsu Mythic Clans Buffs

These have a 1% chance of appearing.

  • Yamamoto Clan: Enhances Sprint, Melee, and Sword Damage, Blocking, and Reiatsu.
  • Thomeaux Clan: Increases Reiatsu, Ability, and Sword Mastery, and unlocks a Meteor.
  • Tsukishima Clan: Enhances Sword and Fist Mastery and Increases Reiatsu.
  • Cifer Clan: Boosts Reiatsu, Speed Regen, and Sword Mastery.
Project Mugetsu All Best Clan Examples
The Mythic, War Powers, and Transcendent clans are the three heavy-hitting classes out of the bunch and offer tons of powerful abilities and buffs. (Picture: Roblox)

Project Mugetsu War Powers Clans Buffs

These are slightly more common than Transcendant clans, with a 0.1% chance of dropping.

  • Kurosaki Clan: Enhances HP, Blocking, and Reiatsu, and provides Sword Damage and Sprint boosts.
  • Urahara Clan: Boosts HP, Reiatsu, Sprint, Melee, and Sword Damage, and Blocking.
  • Uryu Clan: Enhances Sword and Melee Damage, Reiatsu, Blocking, and HP.
  • Aizen Clan: Increases Melee Damage, Sword Damage, HP, Blocking, and Reiatsu.
  • Ginjo Clan: Enhances Flash Step, Sword, and Fist Mastery, and offers a unique damage conversion ability.
  • Zaraki Clan: Increases Reiatsu, damages under low health conditions, and reduces Flash Stepping cost.

Project Mugetsu Transcendent Clans Buffs

These are the rarest, with a 0.005% chance of dropping.

  • Yhwach Clan: Enhances Reiatsu, Sprint, Blocking, HP, and Sword and Melee Damage.
  • Gojo Clan: Converts Reishi to Reiatsu, provides Regen and Speed boosts and offers a Mastery boost.
  • Ichibei Clan: Provides Regen, a significant Mastery boost, increased Reiatsu, and Speed.

Regardless of their rank, each clan offers significant utility. Some may become less relevant over time, while others remain strong in the meta, catering to different player styles, whether they are Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincy, or Fullbringers. Be sure to try rolling for these clans next time you play Project Mugetsu.