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What is the rarest skin in Roblox Piggy?

Piggy is full of rare skins in Roblox, but only one tied to the main game is the rarest.
What is the rarest skin in Roblox Piggy?

Most popular Roblox games have a particular item many players are searching for; this includes ultra-rare skins. Naturally, these might be hard to find; however, in Roblox Piggy, one of the rarest skins can be easily obtained by anyone willing to put in the effort.

Notably, some skins in Piggy are limited to events and can't be obtained any longer. As a result, these kinds of skins are not in regular circulation and understandably top the list for the rarest skins. This guide will outline the two rarest skins in Roblox Piggy and how you can potentially get them.

Roblox Piggy - Rarest skin in the game

Based on all the available skins in the Piggy Roblox game, the rarest skin is the Mr. P skin. We've explained how you can earn the Mr. P skin below.

rarest skin in roblox piggy
The rarest skin in Roblox Piggy is the Mr. Potato Head skin. (Picture: YouTube / HelloltsVG)

How to get Mr. P skin in Roblox Piggy

Although Piggy is a horror game based on surviving and escaping from the antagonist, there is a way to reach the proper endgame. Anyone who reaches the end of the game, which involves interacting with Mr. P, will get the Mr. P skin in their inventory.

The skin is supposed to appear like Mr. Potato Head, the famous toy character from the Toy Story movies. But this version of Mr. Potato Head is a bit messed up. Instead, he is an uncanny lookalike with cyborg parts, which is relatively unique compared to other skins in the game.

how to get rarest mr potatohead mr.p skin roblox piggy
To unlock the Mr. P rare skin in Roblox Piggy, you must reach the endgame. (Picture: YouTube / HelloltsVG)

Only two skins in the game have the formal title "Mr." and both are incredibly rare compared to other rare skins. Accordingly, the second rarest skin is called Mr. Stitchy and is tied to a free event, proving that money won't necessarily make a skin rare.

How to get Mr. Stitchy skin in Roblox Piggy

Mr. Stitchy, the other super rare skin, is earned by participating in one of the limited events during the Spooky Festival season. When this skin is acquired, it can be traded with other players. Unfortunately, it was only available for a limited period in October 2020. This stitched bear is rare for that reason.

Aside from earning rare skins with endings or in events, there are plenty of skins in Piggy that you can get by spending in-game currency, Piggy Coins, which are earned every time you escape. Robux can also be used as a universal currency to get the skins you want.

That concludes our guide on the rarest skins in Roblox Piggy.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Video Game News.