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How To Get Into The Headmistress Office In Royale High

Learn how to access the Headmistress's Office in Royale High and discover hidden treasure chests and diamonds. What are you waiting for?
How To Get Into The Headmistress Office In Royale High

Do you want to know how to enter the headmistress' office in Royale High? You're in luck. Navigating the sprawling, enigmatic corridors of the new school, you might've come across a door that has intrigued many—a grand, pink entrance that guards the head teacher's office.

It beckons and challenges. So, if you're driven by curiosity or on a treasure hunt, this guide will lead you to the hidden chests within this fabled room. This guide will explain all the steps to break into the headmaster's office in Royale High in Roblox.

How To Enter Headmaster's Office In Royale High Roblox

headmistress office royale high quest journal

To start, finding the location of the headmistress' office is straightforward. We'll begin our directions starting from the front office. From there, it's all about taking the right stairway and walking towards the end of the corridor until you're greeted by the unmistakably large Pink Door, elegantly inscribed with the title: "Head Mistress's Office."

Now, you might be disappointed when the door doesn't budge. That's because there's another step—receiving a quest in your Royale High Journal. The quest, "The Headmistress Will See You Now," is the golden ticket you need. Once it's in your possession, the door unlocks, revealing the coveted headmistress's secret abode in the game and earning you 24 EXP.

royale high headmistress office quest complete

Inside, the awareness of the room might catch your attention first, but let's focus on the goal. Behind the headmistress' desk is a painting. With a simple click on this painting, a concealed door springs open (sort of like the Fat Lady in Harry Potter). Behind this door lies your first reward—a chest containing a whopping 5,000 Diamonds. It's enough to make any student's day.

All you need to do is safely make your way across the floor of lava. Yikes! But be careful because if you fall off and die, the headmistress's office might bar entry until you obtain the quest again. Nevertheless, there's more to explore. After collecting your Diamond stash, you might feel the urge to leave but hold that thought.

royale high secret chest

As you roam darting around on different walls, your persistence will be rewarded with another path leading downwards. Here lies another treasure chest that holds the legendary "Headmistress' Earring"—a piece of Royale High memorabilia that any enthusiast would be proud to possess.

But remember, adventures come with their share of mishaps. You might stumble on the first jump or even lose your chance to enter the office after completing the quest. Don't let these setbacks deter you. After all, persistence always pays off in the world of Royale High. We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber TauriWho for detailing the steps to enter the headmaster's office.