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Why Is Royale High Not Working (2023)?

Are you having trouble trying to log in? Here's everything to know about how to fix Royale High not working.
Why Is Royale High Not Working (2023)?

Is Royale High not working for you? Argh! We can relate to your frustration, so don't stress. If you've been exploring the new school, there's a good chance you might have recently stumbled upon issues accessing or playing the popular Roblox roleplaying game.

Whether it's error messages on Xbox or difficulties after an update, many players share your concerns. And that's where we come in. This guide will explore why Royale High might not be working for you and the potential fixes. So, grab your virtual tiara, and let's troubleshoot together!

Note on 17 September 2023: Since the launch of Campus 3, the Royale High team have seen a dramatic increase in bug support tickets. So, if you're experiencing problems with the game, it's most likely teething issues that will be resolved in future RH updates.

Why Is Royale High Not Working In Roblox?

Based on various Reddit threads and player reports, there seem to be a few culprits behind the issue of Royale High not working.

Compatibility Issues

Xbox users have reported encountering the infamous Error Code 103 in Royale High. This error typically occurs when trying to access a game that isn't compatible with the Xbox or a mobile device. It seems that this error has become more common recently, with many players suddenly facing it despite having played on Xbox for years without issues.

On the other hand, some users on PC have reported experiencing Error Code 279 in Royale High of Roblox, which could include "Could Not Connect" or "ID=17 Failure" messages. According to some sources, this issue could be related to a firewall or slow (or inconsistent) internet connection; this includes an unstable WiFi connection.

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Updates & Events

Games on Roblox, like Royale High, frequently undergo updates to add new content or improve the overall experience. Sometimes, these updates can temporarily interrupt gameplay. For example, in the past, the resurgence of the Goddess of Triumph set (often abbreviated as GOT), and the early release of the "Royaleween" event in certain countries resulted in overloaded servers.

Official Shutdowns

Royale High's developers are often quick to address issues on platforms like Twitter. In one instance, they announced a planned temporary shutdown to address certain game problems. There's no reason this wouldn't happen again in the future, especially following major content updates to the game. That said, you should always check official channels for updates on game status.

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How To Fix Royale High Not Working Error

While we cannot pinpoint exactly why Royale High is not working for you, here are some general steps you can try to resolve the issue.

  • Rejoin the Game: Simple yet effective. If you encounter the quirky "pizza in the hinges" error or any other in-game message indicating a glitch, try rejoining the game after a few minutes.

  • Check for Roblox Updates: Ensure that your Roblox client, especially if you're playing on Xbox or mobile, is updated to the latest version. Note that there are still many unresolved issues with playing Roblox on Chromebook, such as Discord overlays crashing the game. For the best possible gaming experience, we advise not playing Royale High on ChromeOS.

  • Monitor Official Channels: Keep an eye on Royale High's official Twitter or Roblox page for announcements. They often provide insights into ongoing issues and estimated fix times.

  • Be Patient: Sometimes, especially during large updates or events, the best solution is to wait. Developers are often working behind the scenes to fix any unexpected bugs or server overloads.

  • Seek Community Help: If you're still facing issues, consider checking or posting on platforms like Reddit. The community is vast, and someone might have found a workaround or solution. Otherwise, log a ticket with the Royale High bug report system so the developers can investigate and release a potential fix.

Experiencing issues in Royale High can be frustrating, but remember that game developers are continuously working to enhance your experience.

Armed with this guide and the shared experiences of the community, you're better prepared to navigate any bumps along your royal journey. Stay patient, stay informed, and keep enjoying the magical world of Royale High!