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How To Get Sea Beast Race In King Legacy

Want to embrace your inner Neptune? Learn how to unlock the new Sea Beast race in King Legacy in this guide!
How To Get Sea Beast Race In King Legacy
Roblox via YouTube / iizu

Need help to unlock the Sea Beast race in King Legacy? You're in good hands. This brand-new faction can move quickly in water and restore life force lightning-fast. So, it's no shock that Roblox players want to obtain it. And that's where we come in!

This guide will explain exactly how to get the Sea Beast race in King Legacy. This includes the Neptunian puzzle solution and even a few tips to help you beat it. To put the cherry on top, you can also find the requirements to upgrade to Sea Beast V2. Let's get started!

How To Unlock Sea Beast Race In King Legacy

The Sea Beast race in King Legacy is extremely easy to obtain. Go to the cave behind the Castle on Shallow Island in the Third Sea. Once you're there, you should spot a new NPC named Neptunian. Speak to him, and he will ask you to complete the Sea Beast puzzle on the wall behind him.

You must pay 100 Sea Artifacts as a once-off payment to begin. Now, to complete the puzzle, shuffle the tiles around to reveal the picture before the timer runs out (you'll have 5 minutes). The scrambled image will be generated randomly—so you'll have a unique puzzle every time. 

sea beast race puzzle king legacy update 6
This is what the Sea Beast puzzle looks like once it is complete.

Note: If you fail, you can simply retry by speaking to Neptune again. You can do this an unlimited amount of times for free. Also, if you complete the puzzle fast enough, you could earn a spot on the game's global leaderboard—good luck!

To solve the Sea Beast puzzle quickly, focus on completing rows or columns, starting from the top left corner. Work with smaller sections or blocks within the puzzle, and use the empty space to maneuver tiles into position. This is the fastest way to beat Neptunian's quest.

After you solve the puzzle, speak to the NPC again, and you can switch to the Sea Beast race in King Legacy for free. You will also earn the "Brilliant" title as a default when completing the puzzle. However, there are other time-based titles available, too, like "Demon Genius" if you solve it in 45 seconds.

Sea Beast V2 Requirements

You can also upgrade to King Legacy Sea Beast V2 by speaking to the Neptunian NPC. However, you will need to gather these materials:

  • 50 Sea Artifact
  • 25 Coral
  • 10 Shark Fins
  • 5 Pearls
  • 1 Aqua Gem

That concludes our guide on how to get the Sea Beast race in King Legacy. As you can tell, it's quite straightforward. But don't stop there! Be sure to check out our other Roblox guides and codes pages for  Death BallJujutsu ChroniclesAnime Champions SimulatorHaze PiecePeroxideTYPE SOULAnime FightersProject SlayersRoblox King LegacyMurder Mystery 2Adopt MeLove NikkiAnime DimensionsShindo LifeAll-Star Tower Defense, or Skibi Toilet Tower Defense