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How To Get Hallow Jack Glove In Slap Battles: Jack's Will Badge

Want to know how to get the Hallow Jack Glove in Slap Battles? Look no further. Follow these steps to unlock Jack's Will badge in the Halloween 2023 update.
How To Get Hallow Jack Glove In Slap Battles: Jack's Will Badge

Halloween has arrived — and you know what that means! There are many spooky-themed Gloves to collect, including the new Hallow Jack Glove in Slap Battles. But the question you might be wondering is: What steps are required to get your hands on it? Rest easy, my friend.

This guide will explain exactly how to unlock the Jack's Will badge in Slap Battles. Like the Necromancer Glove in Slap Battles, obtaining this badge will take some work. But what's the fun if it were super easy? That said, follow these steps to get the Jack Glove in Slap Battles.

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How Do I Unlock The Hallow Jack Glove In Slap Battles?

You'll need to collect ten souls with the Killstreak Glove (unlocked after 5,000 slaps) to get the Hallow Jack Glove in Slap Battles. Once you have done this, you must find Jack's Gravestone and offer the souls you have collected in exchange for the Glove.

Jack's Gravestone will spawn next to the tree facing the Cube of Death on the North Island. However, there is only a 10% chance of it appearing every 10 minutes. Beyond this, you can only obtain the Hallow Jack Glove on Public Servers.

hallow jack glove slap battles

Pro Tip: The best way to find Jack's Gravestone is by hopping servers until you find one that has already spawned to deposit your ten souls. That way, you won't have to hang around and risk another player killing you. Also, beware of troll players blocking the Gravestone.

What Does The Hallow Jack Glove Do In Slap Battles?

The Hallow Jack Glove has a powerful move that allows you to distort enemy players' vision on the battlefield. The best part? It has very similar stats to the Necromancer Glove in Slap Battles.

Hallow Jack Glove Stats

  • Power: 54
  • Speed: 17
  • Ability: Jack-o-Lantern (E)

hallow jack glove jacks will badge slap battles

Jack-o-Lantern Ability

Once equipped, you can launch a Jack-o-Lantern at other players with the Hallow Jack Glove in Slap Battles. If the person is hit, they will get an orange effect on their screen, making it difficult to see and play. The ability is visually striking and can be quite disruptive to opponents.

Specifically, the effect causes their screen to zoom in and out, giving them motion sickness. It can also increase the knockback effect of any incoming slaps. And that's everything to know about how to unlock the new Hallow Jack Glove in Slap Battles.

We want to thank the YouTuber Premiumsalad for their detailed walkthrough. Please consider subscribing and check out the video below for a visual explanation. But why stop there? Learn how to unlock the Recall Glove or Leash Glove next. You won't regret it!