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Top 10 Best Roblox Halloween Outfit Ideas In 2022

Halloween is the best time of year to show off your creativity. Here are the top 10 best Roblox Halloween outfit ideas in 2022.
Top 10 Best Roblox Halloween Outfit Ideas In 2022

It’s Halloween season in Roblox, meaning players will rush to find the most creative and unique outfits to make their avatars stand out in-game. Of course, coming up with Halloween outfits might be challenging for some, so we took the initiative to provide you with some super scary Halloween outfits for Roblox.

Our previous articles detailed the cutest Roblox outfits for girls and the best anime and scary avatars for boys. While you might like to revisit some of those outfits, this guide will showcase the best Roblox outfits you can get during Halloween this year.

Best Scary Halloween Outfits For Roblox In 2022

Halloween has always been a popular season for Roblox fans, encouraging them to embrace the “spooky” time by finding the most creative and unconventional outfits for their avatars. So if you’re looking for new ideas this spooky season but can’t be bothered to waste your time making something original yourself, don’t worry.

Below you will find ten of the best Halloween outfits for Roblox. These outfits are super original, meaning you can tell your friends you designed them, and they will totally believe you. As always, you will need to spend Robux for most (if not all) of these items.

Alright, we’re done wasting your time. Here are the best Halloween Roblox outfits in 2022.

Spidy Suit (Robux 825)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit 2022 scary
Become a mutated half-spider, half-man with this Roblox Halloween avatar.
  • Black Popped Collar (50)

  • Spider Legs (110)

  • Blood and wounds Mafia (5)

  • Malivinius Legs (300)

  • Black Jewelled Horns of the Abyss (50)

  • Black Messy Hair (75)

  • Wetsuit Pants (0)

  • Scary Smile (60)

  • Curly Hair For Amazing People (95)

  • Black Swept Hair (80)

Medieval Vampire (361)

roblox best 10 halloween outfit 2022 medieval vampire
Vampires are back in style with this Halloween Roblox outfit.
  • Vampire Suit (5)

  • Black Slacks (1)

  • Vampire (55)

  • Black Fluffy Sided Hair (80)

  • Vampire Top Hat (120)

  • (Vampire Cloak (100)

Pumpkin-Headed Devil (432)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit ideas 2022 pumpkin headed devil
Pumpkins are a great option for making the perfect Halloween outfit.
  • Pumpkin Visage Shirt (5)

  • Pumpkin Visage Pants (5)

  • Red Diamon Tilted Crown (50)

  • Balck Tiara Crown (50)

  • Evile Oni Pumpkin Head (72)

  • Malevolent Scythe (250)

  • Pumpkin Cute Cat Bag (Offsale)

Skeleton Trick-or-Treater (745)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit idea 2022 skeleton trick or treat
Go Trick-or-Treating in Roblox servers in this Halloween avatar.
  • Skelly (250)

  • Brown Fluffy Messy Boy Hair (75)

  • Halloween Gun (50)

  • Halloween Sticker Glasses (25)

  • Glee (25)

  • Cauldron Bats (75)

  • Pumpkin Crossbody Bag (65)

  • Halloween Bag (100)

  • Halloween Kawaii Witch Hat (80)

Pumpkin Boss (377)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit idea pumpkin boss
Get this stylish Pumpkin Boss avatar in Roblox.
  • Black Spiky Batphones (75)

  • Glowing Pumpkin (50)

  • Orange Void Cape (100)

  • Void Antlers (140)

  • Halloween Jacket (7)

  • Halloween Pants (5)

Magma Pumpkin (545)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit idea 2022 magma pumpkin
Scare everyone with this deathly Magma Pumpkin outfit in Roblox.
  • Left Teutonic Terror Pauldron (25)

  • Right Teutonic Terror Pauldron (25)

  • Teutonic Terror Cloak (135)

  • Magma Pumpkin (250)

  • Left Magma Null Horn (50)

  • Right Magna Null Horn (50)

  • Magma Boss Suit (5)

  • Magma Boss Pants (5)

Silver Cyclops (231)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit idea 2022 silver cyclops
Creep out your friends with this unique Halloween-themed Roblox avatar.
  • Corrupted Observing Eye Head (50)

  • White Mini Devil Horns (66)

  • Sharp Teeth - White Stained (50)

  • Kid Nezha Torso (Offsale)

  • Marshmallow White Bear Suit (65)

Devilman (350)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit ideas devilman
Get your shades on with this devilish Roblox avatar.
  • Vampire (55)

  • Orange Winter Scarf (25)

  • Demon Tail (50)

  • Gold ‘N’ White Curved Horns (Offsale)

  • Sinister P Shirt (5)

  • Sinister P Pants (5)

  • Black Demonic Vampire Wings (100)

  • Shiny Glasses (5)

  • Beautiful Brown Hair For Beautiful People (95)

Grim Reaper (255)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit ideas grim reaper
You can’t go wrong with this scary Grim Reaper Roblox outfit during Halloween.
  • Grim Reaper Hood (60)

  • Grim reaper Cloak (80)

  • Roblox 2.0 (15)

  • Black Reaper Scythe (100)

Jester (95)

roblox 10 best halloween outfit ideas jester
If you like medieval clowns, this Halloween Roblox avatar is meant for you.
  • Metronette Hood Gamma (85)

  • Metronette Hood Gamma Cloak (5)

  • Metronette Hood Gamma Pants (5)

That concludes our list of the Top 10 best Roblox outfits for Halloween.

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