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Slap Battles Spoonful Gloves & Slap Battles Sweep Badge: How To Get

You need Slap Battles Sweep Badge in Roblox Slap Battles to get Spoonful Glove. Here is a complete guide to do it.
Slap Battles Spoonful Gloves & Slap Battles Sweep Badge: How To Get
Picture: GINX

Roblox Slap Battles developers have released a brand new glove in the game called Spoonful Glove. However, you will have to unlock it to be able to use it and you can do it by earning the Slap Battles Sweep Badge. Here is how you can do it quickly. 

How To Get Spoonful Glove & Slap Battles Sweep Badge In Slap Battles | Roblox

In order to get Spoonful Glove and Slap Battles Sweep Badge, you need to equip Tycoon glove and hit 5000 points by maxing out your Tycoon by simply clicking on red arrow on the left of its stats continously. Once you do it, you will be awarded with both of the glove and badge.

Tip: Do it in a quite area so that you don't die before achieving 5000 points.
Reach 5000 points on Tycoon Glove.
Reach 5000 points on Tycoon Glove. (Picture: Premiumsalad)

You can get Tycoon glove by earning Plate Master badge that you can earn by standing on The Plate for 10 minutes in a server with at least seven people. You can find the stats for Spoonful Glove below:

  • Power: 54
  • Speed: 17
  • Ability: Comically Large Spoon

Apart from bringing the new glove and badge, this update has also made multiple other changes that you can find below:

  • Nerfed Divebomb:
    • Added AOE shadow
    • Reduced range by 33% (from 60 to 40)
    • Reduced maximum knockback power by 33% (from 300 to 200)
  • You can no longer slap as MR
  • Nerfed Santa's milk
    • Sleep duration: 4 --> 2.5 seconds
    • Range: 19.5 --> 15
  • Santa's bob plush knockback is now based on the direction the Santa was facing when throwing it, rather than the direction the Santa is facing when it explodes.
  • Max server playercount increased from 14 --> 16 players!