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Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Toilet Tower has many different units that players can use and here, we will go over the best ones!
Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Toilet Tower Defense is one of the most played Tower Defense games in Roblox. And for good reason, too! There are a lot of different units that players can place down, from Attack to Support Units. The best part? This game also gets a lot of good updates as well!

That said, anybody who wants to play Toilet Tower Defense will want to know the tier list for the best units in the game. That is because knowing which units are the best is essential to a successful run! Here, we will do that just for you.

Best Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

toilet tower tier list 2 size

For those who are unaware, players will have various units that they can put down to defeat the onslaught of toilets. However, they must choose the units that will help carry them far in Toilet Tower Defense.

With each game update, balance changes make certain units weaker or stronger. But do not worry! We are here to help. Here is our definitive Toilet Tower Defense Tier list for you to consider while playing the game:

Tier Tower Tower Unit
S-Tier (very good) Upgraded Titan Spakerman, Titan Speakerman Upgraded Titan Cameraman, Titan Cinemaman, Corrupted Cameraman, Spider Crate, Scientist Cameraman
A-Tier (good) Spider TV, Scientist Crate, Engineer Cameraman, JetPack Cameraman, TV Woman, Glitch Cameraman (avoid), Lader Car, Mech, Ninja, Cam Heli
B-Tier (mediocre) Camera Spider, Large Scientist Cameraman, Repair Drone, Titan Cameraman, Titan TV Man, Secret Agent, Dark Speakerman, Dancing Speaker Woman, Ninja Cameraman, Sinister Cameraman, Medic
C-Tier (subpar) Spaker Spider, Large Cameraman, Surv Cam, Large TV Man, Camera Helicopter, Speaker Helicopter
D-Tier (really bad) Large Speakerman, TV Man, Car Speakerman, Cameraman, Camera Woman, Speakerman

Which Units To Avoid In Toilet Tower Defense

toilet tower tier list 3 size

In Toilet Tower Defense, you cannot have all the strong units at once. You need to build them up and upgrade them! So, although the Cameraman might be D-Tier, that is only because it is a starting unit—you'll still need it to progress in the game!

But Glitch Cameraman seems to be the one you definitely want to avoid. Although it is A-Tier in terms of power, the cost to buy it makes it not worth it at all. You are much better off saving cash to get something like an Upgraded Titan Speakerman.

We want to extend a special thank you to LTkrazy on YouTube for their help detailing the best units in Toilet Tower Defense! For more information, check out the video below—and consider subscribing to their channel if you haven't already! Happy gaming!