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TYPE SOUL Hell Quest Progression: How To Get True Bankai

Want to know how to get the Hell in TYPE SOUL? Look no further than our Hellverse quest guide.
TYPE SOUL Hell Quest Progression: How To Get True Bankai
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Need help to do the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL? You're in the right spot! To unlock True Bankai, you'll need to progress the Hellverse questline. The only problem is that the instructions are unclear—and most players are left in the dark about what to do.

This guide will clear all that up for you by explaining all the steps to progress the Hell questline and unlock True Bankai in TYPE SOUL.

Editor's Note: This questline will likely be expanded upon in later updates. As a fair warning, the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL is quite tedious and will take some time.

How To Progress Hellverse Questline In TYPE SOUL Roblox

Before you can progress the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL, you must ensure your account is Elite grade. This step is an important prerequisite to start the quest. If you do not meet this minimum requirement, then you will not have any success with the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Travel to Wandenreich

The first step to unlocking True Bankai in TYPE SOUL is to travel to Wandenreich. Here, you must find and interact with three new NPCs: Mephistopheles, Jeanette, and Calcabrina. Each non-playable character will require you to complete a set of instructions to progress the Hellverse questline.

type soul hellverse questline progression radio location

Step 2: Speak to Mephistopheles in Wandenreich

Before speaking to Mephistopheles, you need to locate the radio in Wandenreich. Starting from the spawn point, turn left, then make a quick right and another left turn. Follow the pathway to the end, turn right, and continue straight. You will see a distinct building depicted in the image above.

Enter this building and wait until you hear a sound play from the radio. When you hear it, leave the building. Turn right and then go down the alleyway directly opposite the tree. You will spot Mephistopheles sitting by the building on your left. Interact with him, and he should say, "You heard it, right? Did you?"

Step 3: Speak to Calcabrina in Wandenreich

After you've spoken to Mephistopheles, you'll be one step closer to progressing the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL. Now, you need to find Calcabrina near the front of the castle and spam dialog with him until you die to a beam of light. If he doesn't kill you, you should win a raid in Wandenreich and return to him. If he still doesn't kill you, then you've done something wrong and need to start over again.

type soul hellverse questline progression jeanette location

Step 4: Speak to Jeanette in Wandenreich

Now, you need to find Jeanette. Starting from the castle's entrance (spawn point) in Wandenreich, go left and then make a right turn. You will spot Jeanette a little past the quest board on the right.

When you interact with her, she should say, "You seem like you don’t need to progress anymore… you should go to the otherworld!" If that's the case, you can continue the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL.

However, if she says, You seem like you don’t need to progress anymore… you should go fight in the arena," then you must listen to the radio and come back to her. If she still doesn't say the first dialog, you made a mistake, or you're not max grade yet.

type soul hellverse questline progression radio rukon location

Step 5: Travel to Rukon District

The next step of the Hellverse questline in TYPE SOUL will require you to go to Rukon District. Here, you must find a radio making a loud honking noise. The location of the radio is a bit difficult to explain, so we've added a video that will show you exactly where to go to find it.

Pro Tip: You can verify that you've completed the step by pressing F9 to open the developer console. Look for the "JeanetteFound" line in the logs.

Step 6: Find Jeanette in the Rukon District

After you've found the radio, you'll need to look for Jeanette in Rukon District. This will bring you one step closer to completing the Hellverse quest line and unlocking the True Bankai in TYPE SOUL. Jeanette can be found in multiple locations; however, we've detailed the closest spawn location below.

Pro Tip: If Jeanette is not here, you should server-hop until she is at the designated location. When you find him, a cutscene will play, and you will receive a random dialog (there are multiple dialog options).

type soul hellverse questline progression meph location

Step 7: Return to Mephistopheles in Wandenreich

After the cut scene with Jeanette, go back to Wandenreich and speak to Mephistopheles. He will say, "Gabriel, he wants to see you, I think [...] I am warning you… please… Gabriel will arrive soon… he’ll tell you about it…"

That's the end of the TYPE SOUL Hellverse questline progression (for now). The developers will probably add more steps in future updates. But rest assured, I will update this page as soon as I know more. If I made a mistake or left something out, please drop me a message at chad.kemp@ginx.tv or @itsactuallychad on X.

I want to extend a super-duper thank you to Kyrie (r.23rd) and Wavely (copv) on the Sunveil Discord for the detailed walkthrough of the Hell quest in TYPE SOUL. They compiled all the community feedback and created videos to help players complete all the steps.