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Rocket League
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AxB announces retirement from professional Rocket League

The 25-year-old hasn’t joined an org since November 2020 and called his retirement “long overdue.”

Canadian Rocket League player Alexandre "AxB" Bellemare announced his retirement from competitive gameplay on Wednesday 3rd February. 

AxB formed a part of rosters like The D00ds, Bread, Spacestation Gaming and Version1. 

His major accomplishments are placing Top 5 in North American League Play in Seasons 7, 8 and 9 consecutively and placing Top 4 in RLCS Worlds Season 8, where he was eliminated by eventual champions NRG.

axb spacestation retirement(Image: Dreamhack)

He left Spacestation Gaming in July of last year, making room for Slater "retals" Thomas to replace him, later joining Version1 in August only to be released in early-November 2020.

AxB hasn’t joined a team since then and called his retirement “long overdue.” He is turning 26 in September of this year.

The 25-year-old left the professional scene with approximate total earnings of $80,642 per Liquipedia.

While it’s uncertain if he will follow his former coach Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez’s steps of joining an org as a coach after retirement, AxB’s path through the Rocket League esports scene and making a living as a professional player “was always a dream of mine since I was young and I will be forever grateful.”