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Rocket League
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The man who gave us "This is Rocket League!" set for RLCS return

Callum "Shogun" Keir, the man gave us the meme "THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE" is set to return to the RLCS broadcast team.
Caster Callum "Shogun" Keir, the man who gave us the most iconic moment in Rocket League esports when he capped off a 0-second goal by Justin "jstn." Morales by shouting - "THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE!", is set to return to the Rocket League Championship Series broadcast team.

The decision to bring him back in was only possible made because of the changes made to the RLCS due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak - with the entire casting team now working remotely - Psyonic, the developers of Rocker League, were no longer constrained by who could get a visa to work in the United States. 



The English broadcaster is one of the games most popular casters. He has been a frequent fixture of the RLCS casting team since Season 2, but issues around obtaining a work visa for the US meant that, since Season 6, his appearances at the desk were reduced to Major LANs and World Championships.



This will be seen as a positive development in a dire couple of week for esports that has seen events, including Rocket League's own World Championship, cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The current broadcast team comprise of Americans and one Canadian and it's safe to say Shogun's infectious nature and knowledge of the game mean his return has been greeted positively by the community.

In a post on Reddit announcing his return, r/ShadowStorm915 felt that the best was back in action: "No offence and no disrespect to the other casters (I think Jorby is fantastic) but Shogun is the best Rocket League caster period."

While others took the opportunity to suggest, with their tongue firmly in the cheek, that Shogun was responsible for the outbreak.

r/RisKeeRL said: "Shogun was spotted licking every animal in Wuhan, China, then sneezing intentionally on everyone he could. Several weeks later, there’s an outbreak that prevents the live casting on location. This frees up someone with any immigration/travel type restriction. Someone like...Shogun?" Adding, "are we really meant to believe that this is a coincidence?"



The RLCS was reformatted due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the World Championship in Dallas, scheduled for 22-24th April was cancelled and the Regional Championship, of which there are four, were given a prize pool boost and made the "pinnacle" of the season. 

The RLCS is currently heading into its sixth week with three rounds of matches still to be played.