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Rocket League
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How to install BakkesMod for Rocket League on Epic Games Launcher

The most useful mod for the car-soccer title needs no more than a couple of clicks and a download from the right website.
User customisation capabilities only go so far, especially for a free-to-play title like Rocket League.

That’s why for the last couple of years, BakkesMod has carried the racing-sports hybrid when it comes to client cosmetics, practice assistance and more.

Whether you’re trying to showcase Alpha rewards without emptying your life savings or merely trying to practice redirects without your lower-ranked buddy who’ll miss the setup, BakkesMod got your back.

And since the move from Steam to Epic Games Launcher, players all around the globe wondered about their beloved program and how it would work on the new, not-so-friendly server.

rocket league, rlcs, bakkesmod, steam, epic games, launcher, install, virus, how to, link, download, run, bug, glitch, alpha(Picture: Psyonix/BakkesMod)

Well, fear not, because we have the answers to your questions so without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about BakkesMod for Rocket League on the Epic Games Launcher.

How to install BakkesMod for Rocket League on Epic Games Launcher

Whilst the transition from Steam to Epic Games Launcher was initially turbulent, coders, collaborators and developers alike have made the installation process as seamless and smooth as possible:

  1. Visit www.bakkesmod.com
  2. Click the Download Now button, this will take you to the real download landing page
  3. Click the “Click Here to Download” hyperlink to download zip file
  4. Unzip and execute the BakkesModSetup.exe
  5. Allow the app to make changes to your device
  6. Click Next on Additional Tasks
  7. Click Install on Ready to Install
  8. Click Finish

Make sure that every time you run Rocket League, you actually execute the BakkesMod quick access from your desktop to enable it during your session.

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