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Psyonix revamps broadcast presentation for RLCS X Championships

The RLCS season finale will debut a new look for the car-soccer esport.
Psyonix revamps broadcast presentation for RLCS X Championships

The Rocket League Championship Series will have a brand-new look come the RLCS X Championships, the league’s attempt to keep the stakes high in the absence of the annual LAN event.

Their appearance will be friendly to newcomers as well as informative to RLEsports hardcore fans.

Keeping on-screen elements useful without using more space than needed, the approach is successfully simplistic.

Replacing the generic “watching” rectangle from the private match feature for a slim strip at the bottom-left corner and the in-game demo, assist, score notifications for team-coloured flashes assigned to their respective signs.

rlcs x broadcast style design look presentationThe previous broadcast style lasted the entire tenth RLCS season. (Picture: Psyonix)

The flashiest of changes are the boost meter and the scoreboard which come to replace the original graphics for a bolder, more modern look.

In an attempt to improve the viewer experience, Psyonix also added all the players boosts to the corner of their respective scoreboard side, making it easier to notice if the pros are being boost-starved or if they have just enough fuel for that 0-second goal.

Make sure to catch all the action for the RLCS Season X Championships across all regions starting on 15 June culminating with the European and North American Grand Finals on 20th June.


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