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Kronovi joins Zero Issue, gears up for next RLCS X regional

“The Mountain” confirmed the roster move to the North American org after being released by Rouge in early November.
Cameron "Kronovi" Bills, also known as “The Mountain”, is the newest addition to North American organization Zero Issue.

The news broke through Liquipedia’s Twitter and Rocket League esports subreddit after the change was made on Battlefy, a platform where NA and EU region teams need to have their full roster registered and signed up.

Kronovi later confirmed the roster change by commenting the following under the original Reddit post:

A poll posted the day before the announcement through Kronovi’s Twitter account triggered now-teammates Jaored "Brisky" Barreto and Erick "Falss" del Castillo’s contact.

Without any penalties or restrictions regarding signings after his release from Rogue, Kronovi had no real reason not to review roster options or play, for that matter, as he was an unrestricted free agent.

Zero Issue placed 16th during Fall Regional Event #3 of the revamped RLCS X, where the organization walked away with $1,150 in earnings and 50 points on the scoreboard, accumulating 70 in total.

The points accumulated are now in jeopardy, though, as the new roster does not contain two out of the three original members since their win, with José "JJPrezus" Bustillos Camargo, Hector "hec" Velazco and Fernando "Ness" Cázares Vargas all leaving the org in the span of two months.

Zero Issue was created from the ground up acquiring the squad previously known as Infinite Shots that hosted an all-Latin American team in North America. The team failed to qualify for Winter’s first Regional Event, but now with Kro in the roster, they expect to make the cut for Regionals and maybe even go the distance.

Many things have changed this year, but one: Kronovi is still “The Mountain”. 

Zero Issue hopes their new look will fare better as the North American Winter Regional #2 kicks off 3rd December on Rocket League’s official Twitch.