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Rocket League
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MERTZY announces departure from Spacetation Gaming

The one-million subscriber content creator, Mertzy, announced he and Spacestation Gaming were parting ways via Twitter.
Mert “Mertzy” Griezzman announced via Twitter and TwitLonger his departure from Spacestation Gaming as a content creator after spending a year signed to the org.

Although no specific reason is given, he explains in the Twitlonger that there is “no love lost” between the two parties. Spacetation Gaming’s Twitter replied to Mertzy, squashing any reason to believe there was any drama involved:

Spacestation Gaming is a powerhouse in the Rocket League community, winning the North American Regional #1 and the Fall Split Major in the revamped RLCS X. The organization has top-billing Rocket League creators still signed to them in Jared “SunlessKhan” Zook and Jon Sandman, two of the most subscribed Rocket League YouTube channels.

Mertzy leaves SSG
Mertzy is on one Rocket League's biggest content creators. (Picture: Mertzy)

Mertzy just hit one million subscribers on November 18th and had his content creator flag in Rocket League announced for Season 2 two days after that. 

It is assumed the departure had to do with a disagreement on renewing the contract, as his tenure ended a year after his signing, almost to the day.

We will have to wait and see if Mertzy will join another Rocket League organization or if he will decide to stay independent, as his channel keeps growing in views and subscribers on the daily.