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Rocket League
Rocket League

NRG win first Rocket League Summit

NRG Esports' Rocket League team have won the first RL Beyond the Summit event over Frontline, becoming Rocket League Summit champions.



A loss to G2 Esports in their opening match saw NRG have to take the long road to join them the Winners' Round playoffs by beating Renault Vitality and Team Dignitas. They managed this in dominant fashion, managing to score 16 goals against Dignitas in the Seeding Decider Match best-of-five.

There was disappointment in Group A for the RLCS Season 7 champions Renault Vitality who were eliminated in the Group Stage with only a single game won against Dignitas and were once again dominated by NRG who were the team that knocked them out in the quarterfinals of DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia last month.

Group B saw far closer matches, with Cloud9's 4-3 win over The Bricks in their opening clash and Frontline also going the distance in the best-of-seven Seeding Decider Match over Rogue.

NRG beat Cloud9 4-0 in the first round before taking down Frontline for the first time 4-1 in the Winners' Final, before facing them in the Grand Final. Their fifth game in the best-of-seven had 6:28 of overtime before NRG stopped Frontline's winning streak and having their own to win the final 4-3.


The win at Rocket League Summit 1 comes after NRG topped the RLCS Season 7 league in North America and a second place finish to PSG Esports at DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia.

It is an early victory and promising sign for NRG's latest signing Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver, three-time back-to-back RLCS World Champion, who has been part of NRG for less than a month.

All of the teams present at Summit, including the champions NRG, will be participating in the upcoming RLCS season. Rocket League Championship Series Season 8 is set to begin on 5th October in NA and 6th October in EU.