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Rocket League
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Rocket League goes extreme with X Games collaboration for RLCS

The third Winter North American Regional will now be called RLCS X Games with X Games-inspired goodies available for free, for purchase in the item shop and through Fan Rewards.

Rocket League announced the replacement of the third and last North American Winter Regional for RLCS X Games.

Although the tournament will be streamed on Rocket League’s Twitch and YouTube channels per usual, thanks to the collaboration, RLCS X Games will also be available through the ESPN app for the first time ever since the start of the 10th season.

Rocket League is also adding X Games goodies to the item shop on 21-24 January and again on 28-31 January. 

From decals and toppers to banners and wheels, there will be items to purchase with credits, free items and special Fan Rewards for those who watch RLCS X Games on Twitch.

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X Games Aspen has been a staple for the X Games franchise featuring extreme winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding.

The collaboration with Rocket League arrived in the nick of time with the 20th edition of X Games Aspen right around the corner.

X Games Aspen will run from 28th - 31st January 2021 on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.

Team Envy’s Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver didn’t shy away from criticizing the timing of the collaboration as himself alongside Nick "mist" Costello and Massimo "Atomic" Franceschi have won the last three Regional Events for North America consecutively.

This isn’t the first time ESPN has been involved with competitive Rocket League, covering it occasionally on their website for Esports content and even posting Justin “jstn.” Morales’ legendary zero-second goal boosting the game’s player base and popularity.

Make sure to catch RLCS X Games 23rd - 24th and 30th - 31st January on the ESPN app, Rocket League’s YouTube or Rocket League’s Twitch stream for special drops and Fan Rewards!