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Rocket League Trade In update: New menu and system explained, how non-crate works, release date and more

The trading community will be getting an update to make non-crate trade-ins easier, simpler and more efficient all across the board.
Rocket League Trade In update: New menu and system explained, how non-crate works, release date and more

Rocket League is a game of many different gamers and one of the most passionate groups is the trading community for in-game items.

These players have established avid hubs and highly-visited sites like RLInsider, Rocket League Garage and plenty more over the years just for the exchange of digital goods.

Whilst the most sought out trade is goods for the in-game currency, Credits, we can always find the item-for-item trade in all of the five rarities implemented -- and prices can go to unimaginable highs.

From Black Market explosions and special edition collectables to non-crate items for gambling purposes, the Rocket League trading scene will get a nifty update coming their way and here’s everything you need to know.

What are non-crate items in Rocket League?

For starters, these non-crate items are pretty self-explanatory: they are in-game items that weren’t originally conceived by opening a crate -- or nowadays, building a blueprint.

Non-crate items can be obtained from in-game event Golden Gifts, Golden Pumpkins, Drops, by trade-in or when trading with another player.

Rocket League trading sites can, at times, have a surge of non-crate items and this is because they can be valuable by nature.

rocket league trade in update season 3 titanium white octane non crate(Picture: Epic Games)

The car soccer videogame holds a system in place where every item holds one of six rarities and when you trade in five items of the same rarity, you will get one item of the next rarity -- this is called a Trade In.

The accorded prices vary depending on the rarity of the item you are trying to obtain as the possibility of the buyer trading in, essentially gambling with Psyonix, being rewarded a better, more rare item for a cheaper price really exists. The rarities go as follows:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very Rare
  • Import
  • Exotic
  • Black Market

For example, trading in five very rare items will guarantee an import item, five imports, an exotic, so on and so forth.

It goes beyond say, there is nothing beyond Black Market so trading in five of those item rarities is not possible.

Rocket League new trade-in menu explained

While the system itself is basically untouched (five of one rarity equals one of the next’s), the interface will have a revamped look altogether.

The most notable change is the way it groups your non-crate or trade-in items, creating tabs for Core Items, Tournament Items and Blueprints.

Core Items (the original non-crate items we know and love) can still be traded in normally, whereas Blueprints' and Tournament Items' trade-in system is getting a major overhaul.

rocket league trade in non crateThis was the previous interface for Rocket League trade-ins (Picture: Epic Games)

Previously, you could only trade blueprints and tournament items within the same Series. A series is a collection of items all released by developer, Psyonix, as a collection commemorating a specific event. The series is usually a map of which items can be traded in to get to the series’ next level or rarity.

Because Tournament rewards are season-exclusive and Blueprints for specific series are hard to find, Psyonix is implementing a percentage system where you can now mix and match from different series while staying in the same series and still be able to complete a trade in.

This means that trading in two Season 1 and three Season 2 tournament items, all of Very Rare quality, will yield a guaranteed Import item that could be 40% from Season 1’s series and 60% from Season 2 -- same thing with the Blueprints trade-ins.

Rocket League Trade-In update release date

The Rocket League Trade In update will hit all platforms on 6th April at 4 pm PDT (11 pm UTC) to wave the green flag and start the race for competitive Season 3.

While there is still much to learn as the update goes live, make sure to come back in case more information gets released or we get blind-sided come Season 3.