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Rocket League
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Rocketeer’s daughter diagnosed with Leukemia, community rallies around GoFund me

The Rocket League and gaming community is coming through during a rough time in one of its member’s families.
Rocket League is far more than a pitch, a ball and a net. It’s about teammates and cooperation and there’s no greater example than this one.

Anthony “C0P3x” Termini, the general manager of Minor League Esports’ team, Express, started a GoFundMe for his player Dasmayer whose daughter was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

“Dasmayer is one of the most genuine people I know, always bringing a positive attitude and a smile come game time. In addition, he is an amazing father, always putting the needs of his family first”, C0P3x shared.

“His son, daughter, and wife are the joys of his life, and since the diagnosis, he has been spending almost all of his time with them. He is our teammate and we can't leave him behind, so all proceeds from this fundraiser will go to his family to help with all the associated costs of his daughter's diagnosis and treatment.”

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(Picture: @ExpressMLE/Twitter)

The original post first started to gain traction on Twitter where it quickly spread from the team’s account to other MLE organisations and Rocket League personalities.

In less than 48 hours after starting the GoFundMe page, the goal of $3,000 was broken by the donors.

The total amount currently sits at $4,090 at the time of writing and it keeps going up by the hour. Plenty of donations are accompanied by encouraging messages to both Dasmayer’s daughter and family.

“Somethings are bigger than Rocket League”, said C0P3x and we couldn’t agree more.

On behalf of GINX Esports TV, I want to encourage you to donate or share the donation site, if possible. 

We know we all will find a way to contribute with our grain of sand as we wish Dasmayer’s daughter the speediest and swiftest of recoveries and much strength to the entire family.