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Rocket League star Scrub Killa leaves mousesports: "I don't want to be a slave"

RLCS star Kyle "Scrub Killa" has dramatically left mousesports mid-season claiming his contract was signed under duress and he doesn't "want to be a slave"
Rocket League star Kyle “Scrub Killa” Roberston has dramatically left mousesports with just one game left of the Regular Season after a breakdown in the relationship between the player and organisation, with Scrub Killa claiming his contract was signed under duress and he "didn't want to be a slave".

The news initially broke on mousesports’ Twitter on 18th March, where they wished “Kyle all the best in his future career” while announcing Ario “Arju” Berdin as his replacement for the last week of the RLCS Season 9 and the upcoming European Regional Championship.




Many in the community felt it must have been a joke, perhaps a reference to Cloud9 having to sub in Rocket League legend Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez for Kyle “Torment” Storer after the latter had internet trouble during their game against Ghost Gaming in last weekend's RLCS.

However, Treyven â€œLethamyr” Robitaille confirmed the Scotsmen’s departure, stating: “Not a joke sorry.”



Scrub Killa later addressed the exit on a stream titled “Free agent fulltime content creator”, where he joked, “this is going to be an interesting one”.

“I really wanted to play in RLCS for the rest of the season and there is no rule in the RLCS that says I can’t play but that is mouz's choice, which I respect.” 

He added: “I am sure Kuxir and Speed would have played with me but it’s not up to them. Which is really unfortunate.” Making clear his issues were with the organisation and not with his fellow teammates.

“I wrote my letter of resignation yesterday, but they didn’t even respond to it,” Scrub Killa added.

He then made the astonishing claim that â€œthe contract was signed under duress". Adding, "if he didn't sign it he wouldn't be able to play in the RLCS."

The issue seem to stem from Scrub’s unwillingness to be a contracted employee rather than being designated as self-employed, something which his previous org, Renault Vitality was willing to do.

“When I was signed under Renault Vitality I was self-employed, but they (mousesports) refused to give me a contract where I could be self-employed. I was going to leave in two weeks but they were putting pressure on me so I just left now.”

According to Lethamyr, on a Twitch stream that has now been deleted, the crux of the issue was Scrub Killa's apparent refusal to use mousesports equipment and the organisation's desire to have greater control of the player's Twitch and YouTube content, a breach of contract that mousesports intended to fine him for. 



A claim that Scrub alluded to in his stream: "I find that the fines in the contract are very unreasonable, there are many many fines. Because I am a contractor I don’t have much freedom at all. I don’t want to be a slave to something. I want to have that freedom."



Srub Killa went on to express his desire to play once again in the RLCS saying: “I am sure I will be highly sought after by many teams but I will do what I feel is the right choice.” 

Rounding off his comments, Scrub Killa promised we’d be seeing a lot more of him in the coming months across Twitch and YouTube - especially because he “won’t be leaving the house” due to the coronavirus outbreak. 



Mousesports currently sit in 6th place in the RLCS having booked their place in the revamped Regional Championship with their final two games against Team Endpoint and FC Barcelona set to take place on Sunday.

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