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Rogue Company
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Rogue Company Arms Dealer update: New cosmetics, game mode, weapon balance, and more

The latest Rogue Company update brings new challenges, sweet cosmetics, and plenty of balance changes to Hi-Rez's tactical shooter.

Rogue Company fans are now able to enjoy the massive Arms Dealer update, a limited-time event that brings rare shipments, a brand-new game mode, and weapon tuning to the third-person shooter.

Let's get down to it and see what the Arms Dealer patch notes look like down below.

Rogue Company Arms Dealer update - Rewards

As you progress during the event, you'll have access to exclusive shipments filled with goodies to customise your Rogue. These come in three different tiers. 

rogue company arms dealer rewards
(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

  • Standard – Can be purchased with Event Currency or Rogue Bucks
  • Exclusive – Can be purchased with Rogue Bucks only
  • Special Reserve – This will unlock after all other Shipments have been purchased

The cosmetics in each shipment include banners, avatars, titles, emotes, weapon wraps, and extra missions to earn currency. Be sure to check the official Rogue Company website for specifics on each shipment reward.

Rogue Company Arms Dealer update - Dodgeball

The LTM that debuts with the Arms Dealer update functions in a similar manner to regular Dodgeball, except, well, you'll be using guns instead of balls.

Each time you are eliminated you will be put into a respawn queue for your team. Once your team eliminates someone on the enemy team the first player in the respawn queue will spawn. This will continue until an entire team is eliminated

  • Each game is a BO11 lasting up to 2 minutes per round
  • Teams will switch sides after 5 rounds
  • Both teams begin at 12 respawns
  • Either team can win the round by eliminating the other team
  • There is an elimination counter on the scoreboard
  • The team with the most eliminations will win the round if both teams are still alive
  • If eliminations are tied a capture point will spawn


  • District
  • Depot
  • Rooftops

Rogue Company Arms Dealer update - Full patch notesrogue company dodgeball

(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Here's the full list of weapon and Rogue changes, as well as bugfixes coming with this update. 


  • Melee Weapons cost increased from 4000 to 5000


A3 Salvo

  • Increased falloff damage

LW6 Revolver

  • Headshot damage increased from 54 to 60



  • Level 3 upgrade now allows you to ready your weapon faster after sprinting
  • Increased falloff damage
  • Body damage increased from 13 to 14


  • Level 2 upgrade now also increases hipfire accuracy


  • Reduced reticle bloom

Assault Rifle


  • Level 3 upgrade now also allows you to ready your weapon faster after sprinting


  • Reduced falloff damage


  • Fixed an issue where the weapon received bonus hip fire accuracy at the level 2 and 3 upgrades


Arren L2-12

  • Level 2 upgrade now also increases hip fire accuracy


  • Increased falloff damage
  • Damage increased from 29 to 30



  • Level 2 upgrade now allows you to ready your weapon faster after sprinting



  • Level 2 upgrade allows bullets to pierce through enemies
  • Level 1 upgrade’s movement speed increase while aiming now correctly doesn’t apply to the base weapon



  • Ability’s reveal duration reduced from 6s to 3s


  • No longer has Replenish. Now has Resupply


  • Increased the glow on his glasses to help visibility from a distance


  • Reduced ballistic knife health from 10 to 1


  • Increased the range of Scorch’s ability activation sound



  • REWORKED: Players will now gain increased movement speed when being shot at


  • Now triggers on downs and eliminations


Bounce Grenade

  • Base: Increased fuse time from 1s to 1.25s
  • Level 1: Now increases explosion radius
  • Level 2: Now increases damage to 125


  • Skirmish Map Rooftops added to the following queues:
    • Wingman
    • Wingman Strikeout
    • Wingman Demolition
    • Trios
    • Trios Strikeout
    • Trios Demolition
    • Countdown


  • Fixed an area on Depot that allowed players to get underneath the map
  • Fixed an issue where players took damage from Kestrel’s drones behind cover
  • Fixed an issue on Depot where players were unable to reclaim Ronin’s ballistic knife when it was thrown between a pair of crates
  • Fixed multiple spots on Canals where players were able to go out of bounds and climb into an unintended area
  • Fixed multiple spots on Windward where players were able enter an unintended area
  • Fixed multiple spots on Favelas that allowed players to enter rooftop areas
  • Fixed an issue on High Castle where the mountain texture around the map appeared to be black while landing
  • Fixed an issue on Glacier where the camera clipped through the walls of the central elevator room
  • Fixed an issue on Hollows where players could get stuck near the solar panel and remain in crouch mode
  • Fixed an issue on Hollows where the camera clipped through the wall near the rocket
  • Fixed an issue on Hollows where the camera clipped through the wall near site A
  • Fixed an issue on the Arena where the camera clipped through the outer wall of pro shop
  • Fixed an issue on Vice where players could see through building geometry
  • Fixed an issue where getting downed at the end of a round caused the player icon to show in downed state
  • Fixed an issue where melee attacks would become faster on spamming quick melee and a deployable ability
  • Fixed an issue where player’s crosshairs could move when using a combination of sprint, dodge roll, and ADS.