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Rogue Company
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News > Third-Person Shooter > Rogue Company

Rogue Company coming to PlayStation 5 on March 30, free-to-play and supporting 4K/120FPS

The game will launch with two graphical modes - 4k/60fps with improved graphics or 4k/120fps performance mode.

Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company made quite the splash when it launched last year. The free-to-play 4v4 team-based multiplayer was a hit on all platforms with officially releasing on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on 1st October.

A Xbox Series X|S Optimized version was released for Microsoft's console on 25th November featuring improved graphical fidelity including an 4k/120 fps performance mode.

Now, in a some-what surprising announcment (in the sense that we hadn't heard anything about it before), Hi-Rez Studios have revealed that a PlayStation 5 release is on the way and it will be out soon, on the 30th March.

The new version will, like the next-gen Xbox offering, give players two graphic options when playing the game. A 4K/60FPS with improved graphics or the 4K/120FPS performance mode.

PlayStation 5 owners had been able to play Rogue Company before but only through backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4 version.

What's more those migrating from PlayStation 4 to 5 will also keep all their account progress with the game being free-to-upgrade and for those jumping in for the first time, free-to-play.

Rogue Company continues to go from strength to strength a February update marked the start of Season 1, as well as introducing the game's first battle pass.