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Twitch Rivals Rogue Company Showdown: Schedule, players, format, prize pool, and how to watch

How to watch Twitch Rivals Rogue Company Showdown and all other information you need to know, including players, schedule, prize pool, and more.
Twitch Rivals Rogue Company Showdown: Schedule, players, format, prize pool, and how to watch

Twitch has announced their latest Twitch Rivals Showdown tournament.

This time players will compete in Rogue Company, a popular 4v4 team-based multiplayer shooter from Hi-Rez Studios.

It's practically the perfect time for a high-quality Rogue Company competition, just in time when the new Rogue, Sigrid, has been revealed.

Some of the best players will take part in this tournament, and if you are a Rogue Company fan, you don't want to miss this event, so here's everything you need to know about it.

Rogue Company Showdown schedule

The tournament is scheduled for 3rd December 2020.

The event is separated into two individual tournaments for NA and EU regions.

Twitch Rivals: Rogue Company EU round-robin starts at 3 pm CET / 9 am ET / 6 am PT

Twitch Rivals: Rogue Company NA round-robin starts at 7 pm CET / 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.

Twitch Rivals Rogue Company Showdown
(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Rogue Company Showdown format

Each region will have its own separate tournament with a round-robin phase followed by Grand Finals.

  • 6 Teams / 24 Players (per region)
  • Stage 1 Round Robin 
  • Game Mode: Demolition
  • First-to-7 Rounds wins the match
  • Bo1 Matches 
  • After the round-robin stage is completed, the teams are ranked based on match W/L record:
    • Top 2 ranked teams will advance to Grand Finals
    • Teams ranked 3rd-6th will be eliminated from the tournament in their respective positions

Rogue Company Showdown players

The tournament will feature 48 content creators, 24 from Europe and 24 from North America. Players and teams won't be revealed until the start of the tournament.

We can probably expect to see some of the regular Rogue Company streamers, like itzD0GE, ElvynCalderon, HeartBreaker, Gnashex, and others.

Rogue Company Showdown prize pool

The tournament features $50K prize pool, which will be distributed equally to both regions, $25,000 for NA and EU.

For both regions, prizing per standings is as follows:

1st place - $7,000

2nd place - $5,000

3rd place - $3,000

4th place - $2,000

5th place - $1,200

6th place - $800

Twitch Rivals Rogue Company Showdown Stream: How to Watch

The event will be broadcasted live on the Twitch Rivals channel.

Additionally, content creators participating in the event will have their own POV streams on their personal channels.