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Sand Land: Do Demo Saves Carry Over To Full Game

The manga-adapted video game Sand Land is launching in April 2024, but with a playable demo available, but do the game saves carry over?
Sand Land: Do Demo Saves Carry Over To Full Game
(Picture: ILCA, Inc. / Bandai Namco)

Players have been actively exploring the environments of the action RPG Sand Land through a playable demo that is now available across all platforms. While they can only experience a fraction of the game's map, they can also experience the game's characters and vehicle combat when facing enemies during battle.

Nevertheless, with the playable demo out on consoles and PCs, one question has been asked whether the demo's save will be carried over to the base game at launch. We've answered this question on whether the demo game saves carry over to the full game and additional information for Sand Land.

Will Sand Land Demo Saves Be Carried Over To The Base Game?

Bandai Namco announced on 19th March 2024 that the playable demo for the upcoming action RPG Sand Land from developer ILCA, Inc. is available for free on consoles and PCs. Players can immerse themselves in the world of Sand Land by exploring parts of the map and acquaint themselves with the unique skillsets of Beelzebub, Rao, and Thief through their explorations.

Players will get to explore a portion of the Sand Land map when experiencing the free playable demo. (Picture: ILCA, Inc. / Bandai Namco)

They will also experience vehicular combat when facing enemies and creatures and gain access to the weapon customization feature in the demo. However, with their limited access to the playable demo, players have wondered if the demo game saves will carry over to the base game at launch on 26th April 2024.

We've found the answer to this question on the game's PlayStation and Xbox Store listings, unfortunately, the demo game saves will not carry over to the full game. But there is an exception for this case, as playing the free demo will unlock unique bonus items, which will be made available when starting a new game file for the base game.

According to these listings, players who've played the demo first before creating a new game file receive the following in-game items:

  • 30 B-grade steel
    30 B-grade bolt

These items can only be used to enhance vehicles once players reach Spino City, which is unlocked through progression in the base game. If players create a new game file for the base game before starting the demo, they won't receive these bonuses for the full game.