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Sand Land Release Date, News, Gameplay Features & More

Conquer the sand and every enemy and creature they encounter, as we've covered the latest game release news and updates for Sand Land.
Sand Land Release Date, News, Gameplay Features & More
(Picture: ILCA, Inc. / Bandai Namco)

Akira Toriyama's popular Japanese manga, Sand Land, is making its way to consoles and PCs in the video game adaptation of the name. The game was first revealed at the Summer Game Fest kick-off showcase in June 2023 and received an official release date this year, with pre-orders now available.

The action RPG is one of the last video game projects that Toriyama was involved with before his untimely passing in March 2024, and players can celebrate the legendary manga artist's work with a playable demo out now. This updated guide details everything we know about Sand Land, including its release date, confirmed platforms, gameplay features, and more.

Sand Land Latest News & Updates

19th March 2024 News: Sand Land Demo Now Available!

Bandai Namco announced the playable demo for the upcoming action RPG, Sand Land, is now available for players as of 19th March 2024. The free demo is available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam; however, demo save files won't carry over to the base game at launch.

Sand Land Release Date & Confirmed Platforms

Sand Land is an upcoming action RPG from developer ILCA, Inc., published by Bandai Namco. The publisher announced that a playable demo is now available on console and PC so players can enjoy the deserted location of Sand Land ahead of the game's launch this year.

The action RPG will launch on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on 26th April 2024, with a playable demo available for these platforms. Pre-orders are currently open for the game's standard, Deluxe, and Collector's Editions, each including unique content for players, like the Survivalist Camo Pack as a pre-order bonus.

Sand Land Gameplay Features Explained

According to the official Gameplay Overview post for Sand Land, which details the game's gameplay features, players will get to explore two worlds, "the long-lasting desert" and a lush world, which both are populated with dangerous foes, unique biomes including canyons and dungeons and more.

The desert is unforgiving as Beelzebub and his motley crew set off on an epic adventure to locate the Legendary Spring. (Picture: ILCA, Inc. / Bandai Namco)

When exploring the desert area, they can encounter multiple creatures, essential materials, vehicle parts, and weapons to loot. They will be targets for the King's Royal Army, which they'll have to do their best to avoid while embarking on their adventures to find the Legendary Spring.

Once players progress with the game, they'll discover a robust and vibrant environment "beyond the dunes" with new enemies and creatures to face. Spino City will serve as a hub for players between exploration and completing quests and side missions between these worlds. 

At Spino City, they can set up camp, interact with unique characters, acquire valuable items, and gain access to a garage. As such, their vehicle must be battle-ready for whatever these enemies and creatures may throw at it, and they must customize their vehicle with various weapons and upgrade it with parts to unlock new features.

Players will begin their epic adventures with Rao's car, which can be traded as they progress once they've met Ann. This resourceful character will guide players as they "build, upgrade, and equip" their vehicle with different weapons and parts, ensuring they have the right tools for exploration and tackling enemies.

Build and upgrade their vehicle for combat by equipping unique weapons and performance parts to defeat enemies and creatures. (Picture: ILCA, Inc. / Bandai Namco)

Some of the confirmed weapons include Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Machines, and Shotguns, which can be equipped to help them defeat enemies and creatures. Various car parts, including different engines and suspensions, will also be available to help them navigate the terrain while enhancing the vehicle's handling and performance while keeping an eye on its stats.

They can customize their vehicle with a fresh coat of Paint and unique accessories to better reflect their style. There will be an area for players to rest and relax, which can be personalized with unique furniture items to design a space that fits their personality.

Along the way, Spino City will slowly begin to populate as they complete side missions, gain access to new merchants, bring more services to the town, and unlock new adventures. Players can easily switch between rebuilding Spino City and heading out to locate the Legendary Spring, but before leaving, ensure that they're ready for the adventures that await them!