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Where To Change Character & Appeareance In Sea Of Thieves

Pirates can showcase their seafaring threads by getting the latest outfits in-game, but can they change their appearance in Sea of Thieves?
Where To Change Character & Appeareance In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Players will have the need to freshen up their pirate's appearance, whether equipping a newly acquired Outfit or, changing their vanity features, like adding a tattoo or Curse, or changing their hairstyle and color. While these options are easy to achieve by interacting with specific chests in-game, there have been queries about altering their pirate's physical appearance long after starting the game.

This query has been much debated in dedicated forum discussions since the game's release, as some are still asking if they can change their character beyond vanity items. In this guide, we've discussed the difference between cosmetics and physical appearance before answering whether players can change their appearance in Sea of Thieves.

Can You Change Character In Sea Of Thieves?

While it was previosuly unavailable to change aspects of their pirate's appearance in-game, a unique item was made available to make this possible. (Picture: Rare)

This question can be confusing for players, but we'll clarify what can and cannot be changed regarding their pirate's appearance. Yes, players can change their pirate's appearance in terms of cosmetics, which can be done by locating the Clothing Chest for Outfits and the Vanity Chest for vanity items like beards and hairstyles, eyepatches, tattoos, and Curses, to name a few.

While clothing and vanity options can be changed, the central question players are asking is about their pirate's physical appearance. These include changing features like body types, gender preference, eye and skin color, and other facial and body features.

Unfortunately, changing these presets is currently unavailable, but they can change their pirate character from the randomized carousel. To get this opportunity, players must gather some Ancient Coins to buy a specific item we've explained below.

How To Change The Character Appearance In Sea Of Thieves?

Secondly, yes, players can change their pirate's appearance to a certain extent, which was previously unavailable in Sea of Thieves. While the process of changing their appearance is available, it isn't straightforward as they need to have at least a few Ancient Coins on hand and head to the Pirate Emporium at any Outpost or from the Main Menu.

Once they've accessed the Pirate Emporium store, they can browse the inventory to look for a specific item that allows them to change their appearance. The item in question is the Pirate Appearance Potion, which costs 149 Ancient Coins, and once acquired, they can use the item to enter a new menu, the Infinite Pirate Generator.

This allows them to change their pirate's appearance, which can only be done by restarting or reloading Sea of Thieves. Once they've signed back into the game, they can "select" their new pirate appearance and confirm and continue their seafaring adventures across the Sea of Thieves.