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Where To Get Doubloons In Sea Of Thieves

There are ways to earn Gold and Ancient Coins, but what about Doubloons? This guide explains how to earn and spend them in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get Doubloons In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Sea of Thieves has three active currencies for pirates to earn and spend to their heart's content on various cosmetics for themselves or their Ships. While Gold is the most accessible currency to earn, and Ancient Coins have limited uses, Doubloons find themselves between these currency types, which can be tricky to earn.

Doubloons have some interesting connections with the Bilge Rat faction, as pirates can earn them through related missions and Commendations for this faction, but there are a few more ways. This guide explained what Doubloons are and the best ways to earn and spend this currency type in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get Doubloons In Sea Of Thieves?

Before we explain the ways that pirates can acquire Doubloons, we must address what Doubloons are in Sea of Thieves. Doubloons are a type of currency like Gold and Ancient Coins that pirates can earn in-game by completing various activities before exchanging or spending them at dedicated Shops.

Pirates can spend their hard-earned Doubloons on specific cosmetics by visiting the Shipwright Shop found at every Outpost. (Picture: Rare)

Doubloons first appeared in Sea of Thieves for the Cursed Sails expansion in 2018, in which they received missions from the Bilge Rats faction to complete, and Doubloons can be earned. As for earning Doubloons, pirates can progress with the Plunder Pass and complete various missions and Commendations related to the Bilge Rats faction, which can be given to them by the Duke or by looking up the Reputation tab in-game.

There are other ways outside of the Bilge Rats faction that they can also earn Doubloons if they wish to avoid interacting with this ragtag group of pirates. They can also locate Reaper Chests found in the open world, but more specifically, they must look to the horizon for a colorful signal stemming from a shipwreck to find such a chest.

It's worth mentioning that Reaper Chests are randomly spawned into the open world, so we can't pinpoint a location exactly, but looking towards the horizon with a Spyglass should help. Another way they can earn Doubloons is by finding Ritual Skulls in the open world, which are a type of treasure associated with the Bilge Rats.

Ritual Skulls can be found within Ashen Chests and Skeleton Ships if they're brave enough to face the challenge head-on. (Picture: Rare)

Finding Ritual Skulls is as complicated as finding Reaper Chests, as they can be found within Ashen Chests, Skeleton Ships, and Skull Stash Voyages; however, the latter is a much easier option for pirates, who can buy a voyage from Duke or Stitcher Jim for 30 Doubloons. Skeleton Ships are typically easy to spot, as denoted by a ship-shaped cloud in the skies, and all that's left is to find the Skeleton Ship within the vicinity, defeat the fleet, and claim the loot.

As for what and how they can best utilize Doubloons in Sea of Thieves, it's entirely left to the pirates themselves, but there are a few things to prioritize. Once they've found Reaper Chests and Ritual Skulls, they can turn them into Duke, who will award them with Doubloons before they can spend it.

They can also spend Doubloons purchasing selected Bilge Rat Voyages from Larinna or other voyages from the Shipwright Shop at every Outpost in-game. Additionally, they can spend Doubloons on obtaining various Ship Customization items like Cannons, Figureheads, Hulls, Sails, and Wheels, to name, and if they become a Captain of their Ship, more cosmetics will be unlocked for them.