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Where To Find & Defeat The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves

Brave the murky inky waters and ready the cannons to take on the mighty Kraken as we've explained how to find and defeat it in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Find & Defeat The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Pirates will encounter plenty of hazardous threats during their journey across the Sea of Thieves, whether it be while completing Commendations and Tall Tales, doing cargo runs and trade routes, or enjoying some leisurely time fishing. As they will likely cross paths with enemy fleets and Skeleton Ships, creatures lurking beneath them are waiting for the opportune moment to strike, like the dreaded Kraken.

Like the Megalodon, the Kraken will prey on pirate Ships but has certain conditions to be met for them to spawn. If they want to learn more about this ominous creature, we've compiled this guide to find the best strategies to defeat them in Sea of Thieves.

How To Find The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves?

The mighty destructive Kraken was first introduced in Sea of Thieves at the game's launch in March 2018. This fearsome creature preys on lowly ships sailing the high seas, depending on the conditions that are met for it to spawn, and the environment starts to change.

Pirates must destroy the Kraken tentacles with cannons and other weapons to defeat it. (Picture: Rare)

The Kraken appears in-game as a World Event, which can be triggered if their Ship is sailing across open waters far from islands and if there's no other cloud World Event, including another Kraken spawn active on the server. Pirates will be alerted that they've triggered a Kraken World Event with a musical tune as the surrounding waters turn inky black, slowing ship movement and increasing the chances of drowning.

The large tentacles will then appear around the Ship which will start attacking the Ship, which pirates are to prepare to fight back. If they wish to avoid the Kraken World Event, sail away until a cloud can be seen in the sky, and they can continue their adventures.

How To Defeat The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves?

The main objective in defeating the Kraken is to destroy all eight tentacles, which can be achieved depending on the Ship Type. The larger the vessel, like the Galleon, the more challenging it will be, as larger ships must inflict more damage to destroy the tentacles.

Another great tip pirates can implement is to lower or drop their Anchor at the start of the World Event to prevent their Ship movement from being decreased. This also helps them avoid being sucked by the Kraken and can focus on taking down the tentacles one at a time.

Once they've defeated the Kraken, it will drop valuable loot, which can be picked during or after the Kraken World Event ends. (Picture: Rare)

Pirates can utilize cannons and various weapons, except for guns, as they deal far less damage than others, and they can quickly run out of ammo. They can also use multiple tools and equipment pieces like the Blunderbombs, Firebombs, and the Harpoon, which the latter may help them escape the clutches of the Kraken.

Look for other enemies and creatures that may spawn during the Kraken World Event. These include Skeleton Ships, which may attack the Kraken, and Megalodons, which can be highly worse for pirates trying to defeat the Kraken and increase their chances of an unfortunate watery grave.

If they've defeated the Kraken by destroying its tentacles, it will drop valuable loot, which they can find by looking for birds circling its locations. These Kraken loot drops will include Kraken Meat and up to two other randomized treasures, which can be picked up during the Kraken World Event.