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Sea of Thieves
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How to find the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves

A powerful new weapon is up for grabs in Season 3.
The new expansion in Sea of Thieves, A Pirate’s Life, is one of the most exciting events in the game’s history. Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise are now in the sea-faring title as well as a whole new quest line for players to take part in. 

As with any new expansion, there are several new items, enemies and features that are now available to players. However, they aren’t solely available when playing through A Pirate’s Life. Instead, you’re able to transfer over most items that you earn in the story to the original game. 

The Triden of Dark Tides is one such item that’s transferable. Of course, you find it while playing through A Pirate’s Life, so you need to take part in those quests to earn it. The question is, where can you find this powerful weapon?

Finding the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves

trident sea of thieves
(Picture: Rare)

The Trident of Dark Tides is a weapon that’s usable against A.I. or real enemies. It blows huge green bubbles at your opponents and deals a small amount of damage in the process. The size of the bubble you blow with your trident is dependent on how long you hold the trigger button. A bigger bubble deals more damage but takes longer to attack. 

To find the trident, you need to play through A Pirate’s Life normally. Any Tall Tale you take part in should have a Trident of Dark Tides available at some point. However, there are certain moments where one is guaranteed to show up. 

Here are some of the current ways players have found the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves: 

  • Exploring a shipwreck 
  • Found on a beach 
  • Defeating a Siren leader 
  • Sinking a Skeleton ship 
  • Gaining access to a Skeleton Fort vault 

There are assuredly more ways to acquire the trident but as long as players are on the lookout for one, they’ll find it through their adventures in the Tall Tales of A Pirate’s Life.