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Sea Of Thieves PS5 Pre-Load Dates, Times & File Download Size

The Sea of Thieves awaits pirates as they board the high seas, and pre-loading for the Premium Edition on PS5 consoles is now available!
Sea Of Thieves PS5 Pre-Load Dates, Times & File Download Size
(Picture: Twitter / Sea of Thieves)

Players still have time to pre-order their digital copy of Sea of Thieves for Playstation 5 consoles as developer Rare announced that pre-load is officially underway. However, this capability is exclusively available to those who pre-ordered the game's Premium Edition, granting them five days of Early Access.

This means Premium Edition holders can now fully access the base game, available content, gameplay modes, features, Trophies and exclusive bundle rewards for this epic action-adventure sandbox game. To learn more about pre-loading Sea of Thieves for PlayStation 5 consoles, we've detailed all the vital information, including pre-load dates, times, and more, in this guide.

Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Pre-Load Dates & Times

Developer Rare announced that Sea of Thieves is now available for pre-load for PlayStation 5 consoles. Pre-loading has officially begun on 23rd April 2024 for pirates who've pre-ordered the game's Premium Edition, allowing them five days of Early Access before the game's release.

Additionally, this allows them to access their pre-order rewards, which include the Ruby Viper Weapon Set and Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet. Two outfits for their Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet, the Parakeet Kraken and Sea Dog Outfits, will also be available to them.

The game, scheduled for release on 30th April 2024, is still available for pre-order as players can choose between three game editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. Those who have pre-ordered the Standard or Deluxe Editions must wait until release day to begin their pre-load.

Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Pre-Load File Download Size

While it still needs to be officially confirmed by developer Rare, which is not stated on their game listing page via the PlayStation Store, we cannot confirm the file download size for Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 consoles as of writing. However, given that the game had a Closed Beta testing in April 2024, the size should be similar to the beta file download size, which was 76.86 GB, according to a deleted Reddit post.

This confirms the minimum and recommended storage requirements for the game's Premium Edition per its Steam listing. It was advised that players should have at least 100GB of available space to install the game to PC and it's advisable that the same can be applicable for PlayStation 5 consoles.

Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Countdown Timer

The high seas await daring pirates as pre-loading for Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 consoles has begun for Premium Edition owners. (Picture: Rare)

With Sea of Thieves now available for pre-loading its Premium Edition for PlayStation 5 consoles, pirates can begin their high seafaring adventures through Early Access. Below, we have provided a countdown timer for the Early Access period, which they can keep track of, and for Standard and Deluxe Edition owners to follow along until the game's release.

Sea Of Thieves PS5 Pre-Load/Early Access Period (Premium Edition)
6 days, 18:58:03

How To Pre-Load Sea Of Thieves On PlayStation 5?

Players who have pre-ordered Sea of Thieves Premium Edition can start pre-loading their game on their PlayStation 5 consoles. Let's detail how to pre-load the game, which internet is required, as detailed below:

  • From their console's Home screen, navigate to the Game Library before highlighting and selecting Sea of Thieves
  • Select the timer appearing on the game's page, which a contents page will appear on-screen
    • They must choose which content they want to auto-download (pre-load) by marking the checkbox/checkboxes
    • A "Select All" option will also be present on this menu
  • Once they've made their selection/s, select the "OK" option, and the game will begin auto-downloading