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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares: How to get and use

Fireworks and Signal Flares are new gameplay mechanics added to Sea of Thieves alongside the Buried Treasures update in Season 5. This guide will explain where to find Fireworks and Signal Flares, as well as how to use them.
Buried Treasures, the fifth season of Sea of Thieves, is now live and it has arrived with an abundance of new and exciting features to kindle your pirate spirit.

The biggest feature of the new update is "buried" in the name of Season 5. Just like all those legendary pirates from bygone eras, you can now have your very own buried treasures and make treasure maps for other loot-thirsty pirates to search them via the Quest Board. And if you are particularly vicious, you can now set traps around your hidden treasures and catch other pirates off guard!

Asides from buried treasures, the second most exciting feature of the update comes in a form of shiny Fireworks and Signal Flares, which are not only there to look magnificently beautiful, but can also be very useful tools (and weapons!) in a multitude of ways.

In this guide, we will explain all you need to know about Fireworks and Signal Flares - how they work, where you can buy and find them, how to use them in meaningful ways, etc.

What are Fireworks and Signal Flares?

Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares: How to get and use
Fireworks come in different sizes and can produce dozens of different shapes and colours. (Picture: Rare, via RareRhief)

Fireworks and Signal Flares are new consumable resources added to Sea of Thieves as a part of the Season 5 update.

In order to use them, just like Cannonballs and Chainshot, you will need to load them into a cannon and then ignite them once you want to fire them.

Akin to real-life, Fireworks in Sea of Thieves will fly high into the sky and then explode into a beautiful bouquet of dozens of different colours. They can create different forms and can be of various sizes. There's a plentiful diverse Fireworks to discover, make sure to try them all!

Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares: How to get and use
Fireworks and Signal Flares can be used via cannons. (Picture: Rare, via RareRhief)

What's the best way to use them? You can use them to obscure the vision of the enemy pirates (they produce dazzling brightness) or you can even try to set their ships on fire by shooting Fireworks directly at them, though chances of that happening are small.

Of course, you can always use them simply for the enjoyment of watching their beautiful effects.

Signal Flares are pretty much the same, but they will actually help you to see better, as they last for around 45 seconds and will illuminate other objects when it's dark, such as nearby ships and land, or you can use them to communicate with allied pirates.

Where you can get Fireworks and Signal Flares?

Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares: How to get and use
If you have enough money you can buy all kinds of different Fireworks from merchants. (Picture: Rare, via RareRhief)

There are two ways to obtain Fireworks and Signal Flares in Sea of Thieves.

You can either randomly find them in Resource Barrels or the newly-added Firework Crates. These can be found washed up on island beaches.

Alternatively,  if you have coins to spare, you can buy Fireworks from the Merchant Alliance's representative at any Outpost.

They are sold only in themed bundles and each bundle (Firework Crate) will cost you 20,000 gold.

One thing you should know is that any ship comes pre-stocked with two Signal Flares, one red and one white, stashed in your Cannonball Barrel.


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.