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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Grogmanay event: Release date and time, event details, rewards and more

Let’s raise a Tankard or three and fill your belly up with Grog to participate in the limited-time Grogmanay event in Sea of Thieves.
With the inclusion of two seasonal events in the Sea of Thieves Season 5 content update, players will have access to plenty of holiday cheer with plenty of rewards and revelry to dive into. Following the festive limited-time seasonal event, Festival of Giving, pirates will be able to end the year with one final hurrah in the next seasonal event, Grogmanay.

The event will cap off another great season on the high seas with the ability to indulg in some much-needed grog. Below, we detail everything players need to know about the limited-time event including the release date and time, rewards and more.

Grogmanay release date and time

The Sea of Thieves Grogmanay event is a limited-time New Year’s themed event that arrived as part of the Season 5 content update. The event will start on 27 December 2021 and conclude on 11 January 2022 at 10 am UTC / 11 am BST.

Grogmanay event details

To see out the year with a bang, players will need to be intoxicated with Grog (at least three Grogs) to complete a set of challenges whilst under the effects. While the list of Challenge Goals for this event has yet to be determined, players have a small window to complete these challenges otherwise, players will have to drink some more Grog.

Grog can be obtained from the Innkeeper at taverns scattered across the Sea of Thieves or from the Grog barrel aboard your ship. As such, on completion of the event’s set challenges, there is a fire-cracking reward that awaits players as well

sea of thieves season 5 events sea of thieves grogmanay event sea of thieves grogmanay event details
Drink your fill of Grog in order to participate in the Grogmanay event. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios)

Grogmanay event rewards

Once players have completed the Challenge Goals for the Grogmanay event, they will earn exclusive themed cosmetics which will be available via Outpost Shops or when visiting the Pirate Emporium following the event’s conclusion.

Additionally, players will unlock the Firework Stash Voyage which can be obtained from Larinna. This voyage will lead players to a location holding a cache of fireworks, which can be proven useful through the season.

sea of thieves season 5 events sea of thieves grogmanay event sea of thieves grogmanay event rewards sea of thieves grogmanay fireworks
Players can unlock the Firework Stash Voyage on completion of the Grogmanay event. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios)

Celebrate the start of the new year with a “whizz-bang” in the Grogmanay event. If you do intend on participating, please remember to not try any of the in-game event activities at home!


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Featured image courtesy of Rare / Xbox Game Studios.