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How to save in Sea of Thieves

You won't want to lose any of your hard-earned loot and progress, so here's a guide detailing how to save your game in Sea of Thieves.
How to save in Sea of Thieves

Plundering loot as a pirate is the central theme of Sea of Thieves, but you need to save your treasure for any of the effort to be worth your while. Saving in Sea of Thieves doesn't have a traditional method to make the process easier, but there are still some procedures that all aspiring pirates need to follow.

Much of the save process in the game is simply chalked up to the server-side. However, that doesn't include physical loot of any kind, so relying on the servers to save is not always possible.

Sea of Thieves - How to save and retain spoils

sea of thieves maintenance
Saves are based on sessions and accounts. (Picture: Rare)

Sea of Thieves does not have a way to save physical loot within a given server. By physical loot, that means any kind of skulls, chests, drums, or anything else in between. When players exit out of a session, these will essentially be lost to the wind.

This is attributed to the session-based structure of the game. To save your loot, you'll need to find an NPC around the map that will accept your treasure in return for currency or renown. Regardless of the reward, turning in your loot will always be saved to your account.

Regardless of the session that is joined, your currency and renown will remain tied to the pirate you have built up. It's the only reliable way to save the spoils you've found in a long day on the sea.

There is no extra process to save this currency either. Because Sea of Thieves is session-based, leaving the game will always save your character and your ship cosmetics as they were. Materials and treasure on the other hand will disappear the next time you log in.

How does the save system affect quests in Sea of Thieves

sea of thieves skull loot
Keep tabs on your loot and always turn it in. (Picture: Rare)

For most quests in the game, the same rules that apply to physical loot will apply to a voyage. As soon as you log out of the game, normal voyages will be exempt and you'll likely need to find a replacement the next time that you play.

In the case of important Adventures, these will remain tied to your account regardless of where you go. Simply logging out of the session will keep your progress saved on major narrative Adventures.

That's all there is to know about how to save your loot in Sea of Thieves. Make sure to keep tabs on your voyages and spoils as you adventure around the open sea, otherwise, you may lose it all. For more guides and overall game news, make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Sea of Thieves section.


Featured image courtesy of Rare.