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Sea of Thieves: Shrine of Ancient Tears secret journal locations

Complete various puzzles to complete this area and collect all of the secret journals.
Sea of Thieves: Shrine of Ancient Tears secret journal locations

Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is officially live and so are several new areas for players to explore throughout the world. 

One of these areas is the Shrine of Ancient Tears, which is one of the more complicated of the bunch that arrived with Season 4. For players looking to earn the Shrine of Ancient Tears commendation achievement, they’ll need to find all five Secret Journals within the area. 

This specific shrine has several puzzles laid out for players to complete. In exchange, they’ll receive one of Umbra’s journals. 

Players can keep reading below to see how they can earn all five of Shrine of Ancient Tears Secret Journals. 

Shrine of Ancient Tears Secret Journals 

Sea of Thieves Season 4
Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is now live. (Picture: Rare)

The Secret Journals will be laid out in the order they’re found. 

  1. Shrine of Ancient Tears 

The first journal in the area can be found upon immediately venturing into the Shrine of Ancient Tears. After you’ve descended to the large chamber for the first time, make your way over to the stone altar by the well and uncover the first journal laying next to it. Read it and then you can make your way over to the next journal. 

  1. Strange Tales 

To find the second journal, descend down the well and find it laying on top of a stone altar. To descend the well, you can drain it or simply swim down. At the bottom of the well, either run or swim east to find the stone altar with the journal on top of it. Read this one as well. 

  1. The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow 

After you’ve made it through the Floor Plate puzzle, you can find the third journal in the area. Immediately upon completing the puzzle, make your way up to the second floor where a new door has opened up. The door to the room holds some treasure and the journal resting on top of a barrel. As always, read it. 

Season 4 sea of thieves
Season 4 holds many mysteries. (Picture: Rare)
  1. Fate of the Silver Blade 

Once you’ve lit all eight braziers in the central chamber, you can make your way to the fourth journal. It’s found by entering the room to the west that opens up after lighting the braziers. The room will lead to another room with four paintings and columns. Next to the column with a crab on it is the fourth journal. 

  1. Return of the Silver Blade 

The final journal is inside the Turtle Puzzle chamber. This comes after making your way through the Butterfly Puzzle chamber. Inside of the Turtle Puzzle, you will find the last journal in the southwest part of the chamber next to a lever. Read it and this will unlock the Shrine of Ancient Tear's commendation. 


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