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Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace guide - The Sunken Kingdom

Learn here how to find the Shrine of Flooded Embrace in Sea of Thieves, one of six shrines added as part of its Sunken Kingdom update.
Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace guide - The Sunken Kingdom

The latest update for Sea of Thieves titled “The Sunken Kingdom” added a series of new places for all players to explore, with most of its secrets and treasures being inside six new Shrines spread across the map.

Among these, there is one known as the Shrine of Flooded Embrace, a shrine covered by the debris from a fearsome ship battle that once took place above the Shrine.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace
The Shrine of Flooded Embrace is surrounded by a shipwreck. (Picture: Rare)

That said, in this guide, you will find everything you need to know about this Shrine, how to survive inside it, and what awaits you as you venture deeper inside it.

How to find and complete the Shrine of Flooded Embrace

The Shrine of Flooded Embrace is located in the Wilds, South of Dagger Tooth Outpost, around the coordinates N12. You will find its exact location if you look through the sky and spot some purple and blue lights swirling into it.

Once you get to the exact location where the light converges, it will be time to stop your ship and sunk into the water. Its entrance will be at the top of the Shrine near a shipwreck.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace
The entrance of the shrine will be quite easy to find. (Picture: Rare)

Its entry will be found by swimming through the rear window of the Captain’s Cabin of the shipwreck. You may find a horde of Sirens as soon as you enter this place, so deal with these quickly to continue your exploration.

Unlike all of the other shrines, this one doesn’t have any puzzles to solve, but its main attraction comes with all the treasures you can find.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace sirens
Beware of the sirens trying to stop you from entering the shrine. (Picture: Rare)

First, you will want to focus on finding all journals. Inside the shrine, you will be available to find up to five of these, named as follows:

  1. Shrine of Flooded Embrace
  2. The Sirens
  3. Mermaid Gems
  4. Siren Gems
  5. A Great Battle

All of these can be found by exploring the entirety of shrine with your good eye, but if you have some trouble, you can always check our in-depth guide with the locations of every single one right below.

Aside from the journals, you will also want to find the Breath of the Sea, a unique treasure that can be obtained only by completing the coral message in a bottle voyage.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace
Look around the shrine to collect all treasures and uncover its secrets. (Picture: Rare)

In this case, the Breath of the Sea of the Shrine of Flooded Embrace will be at the very bottom of the shrine on the Northside. Remember, it will only be there if you are on an active Coral Message in a Bottle voyage that leads you to this Shrine.

Once you get all treasures from the shrine, don’t forget to save all of them in a Sunken Merfolk Statue.

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Featured image courtesy of Rare.