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Sea of Thieves: Shrine of the Coral Tomb secret journal locations

Another shrine is calling out to players to come explore it in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves.
Sea of Thieves: Shrine of the Coral Tomb secret journal locations

The Shrine or Coral Tomb is one of six new Siren Shrines in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves

The developers at Rare made the shrines a priority this season and players are loving every second of it. Of course, they’d love it more if they could earn the various commendations a little easier. 

To help with that, we’ve compiled the Secret Journal locations for the Shrine or Coral Tomb below so players can earn their commendation with ease.

Shrine of the Coral Tomb Secret Journals

The Secret Journals will be laid out in the order they appear.

  1. Seashell Earring 

You can enter the Shrine or Coral Tomb on a waterslide of sorts. Once down in the chamber, you can find the first journal of the area once you swim deeper in the pool of water you landed in. The journal will be lying on some stone adjacent to a chest. Read it and then proceed on. 

  1. A Hidden Kingdom 

After you’ve solved the Coral Level puzzle in the next portion of the shrine, you can find the second journal. Once the water level rises after defeating the puzzle, you can enter a room just above the water. The room will hold a yellow lever on the back wall that has the second journal sitting right next to it on a rock. 

  1. The Sea Queen and Her Warrior

The next journal becomes available to you after solving the second Coral Lever puzzle. After you’ve defeated the puzzle, you can swim down underneath the water to find a room that takes you northeast. Inside of this room is a red level that has the third journal lying next to it by a rock. 

Sea of thieves shrine of coral tomb secret
Shrines are a huge attraction in Season 4. (Picture: Rare)
  1. The Whispering Plague

Once you’ve solved all three Coral Lever puzzles, you can find the fourth journal. The water level will rise once you solve the last of the puzzles and this opens another room on the west side of the chamber. Enter the room to find the fourth journal sitting in front of a pile of skulls on the ground down the path a bit. 

  1. The Sunken Kingdom

The fifth and final journal is located in the main chamber once you’ve solved all of the puzzles. The water level has risen and you can now climb up a path on the northeast side. Atop this path is the fifth journal sitting next to a barrel to the right of a statue. Read it and all of the others to earn the Mystery of the Shrine of Coral Tomb commendation. 


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.