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Where To Get The Skeleton Curse In Sea Of Thieves

Awaken the Ashen Skeleton Lord, Captain Flameheart, and participate in a fiery ceremony to get the Skeleton Curse in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get The Skeleton Curse In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

During their active campaign across the Sea of Thieves, there will be plenty of opportunities to be rewarded and acquire multiple cosmetic sets and items to equip to themselves and their Ship. While many unique cosmetics can be purchased from Shop vendors, selected items, like Curses, are tied to completing in-game activities.

As most are locked behind Tall Tales and Commendations, acquiring the Skeleton Curse demands them to up their reputation and pledge their allegiance to Captain Flameheart. This fiery guide discusses how pirates can get the Skeleton Curse and how to equip it in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get The Skeleton Curse In Sea Of Thieves?

Pirates must meet a certain set of requirements before being able to acquire the Skeleton Curse in Sea of Thieves. (Picture: Rare)

Before delving into how pirates can obtain the Skeleton Curse in Sea of Thieves, it's important to inform them what Curses are in-game. While they have no significant impact on gameplay and progression, Curses are, in fact, a collection of Vanity cosmetic items that can be acquired by completing specific activities and content.

Unless specified otherwise, most Curses available in-game are acquired through the completion of Tall Tales and Commendations. Currently, there are eight known Curses to get as the Skeleton Curse is a standalone item, thus not part of any existing cosmetic set in-game.

Once acquired, the Skeleton Curse can't be equipped to the player's pirate with any clothing items but can be customized. To acquire the Skeleton Curse, a series of activities must be completed, and specific requirements must be met, namely reaching Reputation Level 75 with the Reaper's Bones Trading Company and meeting the Servants of the Flame's Allegiance Level 100 requirement.

Participate in the Ritual of the Flame ceremony at Reaper's Lair and obtain this skeletal curse which will be added to their Vanity Chest. (Picture: Rare)

They'll need to engage in a specific event by participating in the Ritual of the Flame ceremony by speaking to the Serpent of the Flame before entering the pit at the Reaper's Lair. Once inside the lair, traverse the multiple platforms and bridges until they reach a near dead-end and go left into the main chamber.

Cross the footbridge leading into a chasm where they must follow the route until they enter a large room with a giant tree at the center. Interact with the Voice of the Flame by kneeling to start the Ritual of the Flame ceremony, for which a cutscene will first play out.

Their pirate will consume an ominous drink from Flamerheart's goblet, which will transform them into skeletal figures. Thus, they will unlock the Skeleton Curse, which is available from the Vanity Chest found near the General Clothing Shop, Athena's Fortune Hideout, and aboard their Ships.