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New Silent Hill 2 Remake Trailer Showcases Monsters, Combat, & More

Silent Hill 2 just got a new gameplay and combat trailer.
New Silent Hill 2 Remake Trailer Showcases Monsters, Combat, & More
(Picture: Konami/Bloober Team)

Bloober Team and Konami's Silent Hill 2 remake just got a new gameplay and combat reveal trailer at the State of Play showcase, showing James Sunderland, the monsters of Silent Hill, and the town itself in beautifully-remastered visuals. The video's description mentions that the remake will feature "chilling visuals and visceral sounds," and even lets players listen to some of the remastered sounds that will be in the upcoming title.

Most of the scenes in the video look like near one-to-one recreations of the original Silent Hill 2, with updated visuals, movements, and animations. Bloober Team has previously promised fans of the series that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be largely accurate to the original story.

You can check out Silent Hill 2's new combat reveal trailer for yourself just below:

Alongside the combat trailer, the Silent Hill team also released a new free-to-play Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: The Short Message, today. The game is only available on PS5 and the sudden release was a total surprise to fans. Silent Hill 2 is also set to be a PS5-exclusive when it releases for just one year, before the game will also be available on PC and potentially other platforms.

While fans did get a new Silent Hill 2 trailer and some fresh looks at the gameplay this month, there's still no news about the highly-anticipated game's release date from Bloober Team, Konami, or anyone else involved with the game. The teams have provided so little information and updates on the game that some rumored that the game was canceled for several months.

However, developers confirmed it wasn't canceled, and marketing ramped up on the Silent Hill 2 remake back in November, suggesting that the game is likely coming sometime in 2024. For now, fans will have to wait just a little longer to get their hands on Silent Hill 2's remake. Fans also anticipate the release of other Silent Hill titles announced last year, including Silent Hill: F and Townfall, along with the Silent Hill 2 movie.