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Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To Xbox?

The Silent Hill 2 remake has just been announced, and fans couldn't be more excited! But, is the gaming coming to Xbox?
Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To Xbox?

The Silent Hill showcase brought about a ton of exciting news regarding Silent Hill properties. While Silent Hill F stole the show, the Silent Hill 2 remake was met with just as much hype.

While very little of the game is known at this time, this has not lessened the excitement of fans who are waiting patiently for any information they can get. So, let's see what platforms the Silent Hill 2 remake will be coming to and whether or not it will make it to the Xbox Series X / S. 


Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To Xbox?

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Pyramid Head will return for Silent Hill 2 Remake! (Picture: Konami)

Unfortunately, it was announced that the Silent Hill 2 remake is not coming to Xbox at launch. Developed by BlooberTeam (the studio behind such games as, The Medium and Layers of Fear), the game is slated to release on PC via Steam and PS5 sometime in the future. There is also no official release date yet.

However, it was also confirmed that Silent Hill 2 Remake's exclusivity to PS5 and PC would only last for 12 months. So, if Silent Hill 2 Remake were to release sometime in 2023 for Steam and PS5, Xbox Series X / S users could expect to see the game on their platform sometime in 2024.

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Silent Hill 2 will, unfortunately, not be coming to Xbox anytime soon (Picture: Konami)

That being said, PlayStation-timed exclusives have a habit of not living up to their promises. Final Fantasy VII Remake, for example, was originally supposed to be a timed exclusive for 12 months. The game was released in 2020 with no signs yet of being released cross-platform. 

Silent Hill 2
It wouldn't be a Silent Hill game without a ton of fog (Picture: Konami)

Still, we remain hopeful that because of the overall popularity of Silent Hill as a franchise, and the fact that releasing the game on Xbox is essentially free money, Konami will not make the same mistakes as Square Enix, and will bring their beloved franchise to as wide an audience as possible.

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Featured image courtesy of Konami.