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This Unhinged 'Sweatshop' Creation Is Peak Sims 4 Depravity

The Sims 4 community remains beautifully unmatched in creativity and weirdness.
This Unhinged 'Sweatshop' Creation Is Peak Sims 4 Depravity
EA, @u_m_a_m_i

We're all guilty of being a little wild with our antics in The Sims. From removing pool ladders, to orchestrating the suspicious disappearances of neighbours, and even romancing the Grim Reaper. But whenever we think we've hit the ceiling of our moral injustices, someone comes along to prove that, actually, you can always push further.

One user, @u_m_a_m_i, took to X to reveal a creation they made 9 years ago in The Sims 4, lovingly called "My Sweatshop Family," in which a collection of hot dog suit-wearing adults were confined to a "factory" to churn out books and screenplays. The royalties were then used to fund the lavish lifestyle of a Sim "overseer."

The factory started off small; a room for all six beds, an area with only desks and cheap PCs, a kitchen, and two toilet/shower rooms. The walls were a beautiful soul-crushed grey and paired with matching concrete to inspire the most creativity. One worker died within 20 minutes.

The workers were soon moved away from screenplays to focus on painting instead, as the profits were more generous. Eventually, the complex expanded to allow for a visitation center and a viewing platform for the overseer to keep tabs from their luxury pad. 

Efforts were made to keep the Sim's relatively functional. All had been given the 'Neat' Trait, though that failed to stop them from creating a worrying amount of mess. A maid was allowed to enter the factory, though she quickly turned mad. 

"I was facing a difficult problem. My slave-worker-hotdogs were aging at an alarming rate," Umami said in one post. "I can buy the youth potion for my hot red haired mansion-baron, but these hotdogs have accomplished nothing in their lives besides painting and they didn't accumulate enough skill points. So I made a procreation chamber with an observation room." And thus, the cycle of workers was allowed to continue.

The entire thread is an impressive, and terrifying, representation of just what you can accomplish in The Sims 4, should you feel so inclined. However, true Simmers know that this only scratches the surface.

If this hellish creation has inspired you to pick up The Sims 4, know that the game is now free-to-play across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.