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Final Mr. Sakurai Presents showcase: Start time, DLC announcement, how to watch, and more.

We finally have an official date for the reveal of the last DLC for Smash Ultimate.
Final Mr. Sakurai Presents showcase: Start time, DLC announcement, how to watch, and more.

It's been a wild ride for Smash Ultimate fans since its release back in 2018, with two fighters passes and plenty of DLC characters, the time has come for series creator Masahiro Sakurai to unveil the last guest to join the ever-expanding roster.

Fans expected the final DLC to be revealed during the 23rd September Nintendo Direct, and while we got some news, they weren't what people had expected.

Instead of the character reveal, we got an announcement regarding the final Mr. Sakurai presents showcase, in which the final DLC is going to bet unveiled. 

Final Mr. Sakurai Presents - Start date

smash dlc final two
The final Mr. Sakurai Presents is scheduled for October. (Picture: Nintendo)

As mentioned in the Nintendo Direct, the final Smash Ultimate DLC will be unveiled this upcoming 5th October at 7am PT/ 3pm BST. The showcase will include both the official reveal and a gameplay breakdown of the last DLC.

Don't expect any shocking announcements of a Fighters Pass Vol. 3, as Sakurai himself has mentioned this upcoming DLC will mark the end of new characters receiving an invitation to join Smash Ultimate. 

Final Mr. Sakurai Presents - Where to watch

As always, you can watch the entire thing via the official Nintendo Twitch or YouTube channels. We have embedded the Twitch channel down below for your convenience. 

Final Mr. Sakurai Presents - Rumoured characters

sakurai smash dlc
What surprise does Sakurai has in store for us? (Picture: Nintendo)

As of the time of writing, we've yet to see a reliable leak that's worth mentioning, with mostly dream scenarios being presented. Some of the likely candidates based on their pedigree are:

  • Master Chief from Halo
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts
  • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Of course, Sakurai can present us with an oddball character, so no one really knows who's going to be the final DLC.

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