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MkLeo wins all Mexican grand finals against Sparg0 at Port Priority 6

The best Smash Ultimate player in the world stopped Sparg0 from earning his first career major. Here's what went down at Port Priority 6.
MkLeo wins all Mexican grand finals against Sparg0 at Port Priority 6

Another Smash Ultimate major, another win for Leonardo "MkLeo" López, the undisputed best player in the world, who did so in classic Leo fashion -- by reverse 3-0ing his opponent in grand finals, the up-and-coming star Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez.

Port Priority 6, more than any other Smash major held in 2021, reaffirmed the idea that Mexico is potentially the strongest region in the world, rivalling and possibly surpassing Japan and the United States in that regard, with the Top 8 comprised of four Mexican pros.

The drive to beat Leo has fueled an entire region to become an undisputed candidate for best in the world, with the likes of Abraham "BigBoss" Slane, Santiago "Chag" Pérez, and Sparg0 showcasing in American soil what the Mexican scene is capable of doing.

mkleo wins port priority
MkLeo has won three out of the five 2021 Smash Ultimate majors. (Picture: Riptide)

MkLeo would end up facing and beating every single one of his fellow countrymen in Top 8, with the best placing non-Mexican player being Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey, who was knocked to losers early by Mario specialist Rasheen "Dark Wizzy" Rose and was ultimately held at third by Sparg0 in an explosive set that showcased how Smash Ultimate played at high tempo looks like with Tweek's Diddy Kong and Sparg0's Pyra/Mythra pulling no punches.

The 15-year-old that became known early on for piloting Cloud to a level never before seen in Ultimate has been touted as the "future" of Smash by many, including Leo himself, with results backing his belief. Sparg0 has now managed two back-to-back grand final appearances at Ultimate majors after his outing at Smash Con: Fall Fest.

Sadly for Sparg0, it seems he's yet to find a way to close out sets, as he once again dropped a 2-0 lead in grand finals, becoming part of a ludicrous statistic that showcases Leo's dominance in Ultimate -- he has won 11 out of 19 sets he's trailed 0-2 at major tournaments.

What's more impressive is that Leo has fully committed to a solid mid-tier character in Byleth, with Joker firmly set as his secondary or last-resort character. 

Despite the general perception dictating that Byleth is too slow and clunky to dominate a fast-paced game like Ultimate, the T1 rep has managed to make the most out of his slow mobility but incredible zoning and powerful buttons, that see him take stock surprisingly early when he's against the ropes.

With this win, MkLeo continues his streak of not dropping below 2nd place at any major since Get On My Level 2019, making it to the grand finals of all five majors played this 2021, winning Low Tide City, Riptide, and Port Priority.

Port Priority 6 Top 8 final standings

port priority 6 smash ultimate
Mexico made a strong case for being the strongest region in the world at Port Priority. (Picture: Port Priority)
  • 1st.- MkLeo
  • 2nd.- Sparg0
  • 3rd.- Tweek
  • 4th.- BigBoss
  • 5th.- Leon
  • 5th.- Lui$
  • 7th.- Dark Wizzy
  • 7th.- Chag


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Featured image courtesy of Port Priority.