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Nintendo shuts down three Smash events at Low Tide City

A total of three tournaments set to be played on modded versions of Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl, have been removed from the event.
Nintendo shuts down three Smash events at Low Tide City

Nintendo continues to alienate the competitive Smash community by issuing a cease and desist to Low Tide City (LTC) tournament organisers, forcing them to shut down a total of three events weeks before they were set to begin.

LTC, an event set to be held at The Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas, on 1st October, features both Smash and general FGC events, including tournaments for Smash Ultimate, Melee, Guilty Gear Strive, Street Fighter V, and more.

Amid these, three more events featured Project+, Beyond Melee, and 64 Remix. All are modded versions of existing Smash titles -- Project+ is a Brawl mod that makes add Melee mechanics to the game. Beyond Melee is an expansion to the original 2001 title with new characters and balance changes, meanwhile, 64 Remix adds more stages and characters to the N64 classic.

Nintendo shuts down three Smash events at Low Tide City

Despite all of these being harmless mods that foster competitive communities around Nintendo titles, the company has been adamant in making sure no events revolving around such titles occur, shutting down all three according to LTC tournament organisers.

low tide city smash events
LTC organisers shared a statement via social media. (Picture: Low Tide City)

"Yesterday, we were contacted by Nintendo regarding Project +, Beyond Melee, and 64 Remix at Low Tide City. Unfortunately, as a result of that conversation, we are removing these events from LTC," the organisers revealed.

The news comes just weeks after Riptide's own Project+ tournament was also shut down by Nintendo, the company seemingly on the hunt, tracking down all events featuring modded versions of their games since The Big House debacle that occurred late last year which used the Slippi mod.

As a result of this recent development, the P+ community has announced they are preparing a separate event parallel to LTC.

Details for this upcoming tournament called Shipwrecked, are being shared with players already signed to LTC, according to Smash.gg data analyst, Stude.

The Project+ community won't let its game die. (Picture: Shipwrecked)

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will force them to shut down the event or not. We'll keep you posted.


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Feature image courtesy of Lowtide City.