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ZeRo confirms return to content creation after sexual misconduct scandal

The former Smash 4 pro will be uploading his reaction to the Sora reveal soon.
ZeRo confirms return to content creation after sexual misconduct scandal

Former Smash Bros pro and content creator Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios has announced via Instagram his official return to YouTube, over a year after he confessed to sending and soliciting sexual content from an underage girl.

ZeRo, who lost his sponsorship with Tempo Storm and got permanently banned from Twitch due to his actions, attempted to take his own life this past March, months following his exclusion from the Smash community.

Ever since then, ZeRo has been away from most social media, such as Twitter, with his last YouTube upload dating back to July 2020. ZeRo was interviewed by Smash commentator Phil "EE" Visu in April, however, due to community backlash, the video was taken down from EE's channel, becoming available via re-uploads.

Over the past weeks, ZeRo has taken to Instagram to slowly show glimpses of a potential comeback to content creation, doing quick streams, until finally, this 6th October, he uploaded a clip of his upcoming YouTube reaction to Sora's reveal as Smash Ultimate final DLC.

zero sora
ZeRo will be coming back to YouTube. (Picture: ZeRo)

In the video's caption, ZeRo explains that he'll be uploading the full presentation with his reaction, however, there's no official date for it to happen. "Please be patient. I am working on things," he added.

ZeRo was known as a massive Kingdom Hearts fan by the Smash community and one of the most vocal advocates for Sora's inclusion in the franchise.

The reaction from the Smash community has yet to be seen. (Picture: ZeRo)

It remains to be seen how will the Smash community react to ZeRo trying to come back into the scene, or whether this is a one-time occasion due to the streamer's dedication to Sora as a character.


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Featured image courtesy of ZeRo.