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How To Get Fish In Sons of the Forest

Let’s get some Omega-3! Here are all the locations where you can find Fish in Sons of the Forest.
How To Get Fish In Sons of the Forest

If you have played any survival game before, you will know just how important it is to have a constant food supply to keep you from going hungry. Something which is often easier said than done, and Sons of the Forest is no different. 

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways to find food quickly, and one of those ways is getting fish. 

How to get fish in Sons of the Forest


There are three ways of finding and getting fish in Sons of the Forest: catch it in a trap, make Kelvin catch them and bring them to you, or finally, you can simply see one and kill it with your equipped weapon. 

Using the fish trap is one of the most efficient ways to keep a regular supply of fish coming in, and it's super easy to make - all it requires is twenty-five sticks, which can easily be found from small trees in the area. 

Once you have collected these, press 'I' to open your inventory and select your Guidebook, you then must switch to the Craftable Items menu by pressing and holding 'X.' On this menu, you can go to the 'Traps' tab and select 'Fish Trap'; this will outline your building object. Place this in a body of water - a stream would work best - and press 'E' until you have added all the sticks. Now all you need to do is wait for the fish to swim into the box, and you have a constant food supply. 


If you want to be a little lazy, though, you can. Our good friend Kelvin will collect an endless supply of fish if you ask him to. All you need to do is go up to him and hold 'E', scroll down the menu, select 'Get', and then select 'Fish'. Kelvin will then go to a nearby waterbed and continuously bring you fish until you tell him to stop. Easy peasy. 

The third way, killing them with your weapon, is self-explanatory; if you see fish in any water, equip your desired weapon and click the left mouse button to attack it. You can then press 'E' to add it to your inventory. 

How to cook fish in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the fish in Sons of the Forest, it's essential to cook them before they start to rot. Fortunately, it's easy to do. Start by making yourself a basic or reinforced fire, and then hold 'E' whilst looking directly at the fire to bring up your inventory. Left-click on the fish to add it to the fire. It will then begin to cook. 

You will have to wait a little while before it is perfectly cooked. Wait for the fish to change color once, and press 'E' once again to take it off the fire before it burns. You can also hold 'E' to eat it straight away. 

Now you know how to get fish in Sons of the Forest and how to cook them to perfection. Check out our other Sons of the Forest guides for information.