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How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Want to go for a swim? You better get rid of these sharks first.
How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Numerous things can attack and kill you in Sons of the Forest, whether cannibals, mutants, or hostile animals. One of these nasty creatures is the shark.

Although you're not likely to come up against them that often, they still pose quite the threat when they do, and they can cause quite a bit of damage if you're not careful. Luckily, we're going to tell you how you can kill them. 

How to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest


To kill sharks in Sons of the Forest, you will need some kind of ranged weapon first, as this is the fastest and safest way to defeat them. You can easily take one out with a pistol or a bow. And if you followed our guide to getting the pistol, chances are you will have had a run-in with sharks circling the raft. 

This is the perfect way to fight them, as they can't hurt you if you aren't in the water, and you can easily see them swimming along the top of the water. Find any object you can jump on or in to get yourself out of danger. Then it's just a case of firing as many arrows or bullets into them as possible until they're dead. 

Currently, there appears to be no way to kill sharks with melee weapons because as soon as you enter water deep enough to swim in, it unequips anything you currently have in your hands. 

Annoyingly, there is no reward for killing sharks in Sons of the Forest. They drop no meat for you to cook, so at this moment, the only benefit to killing these creatures is to stop them from attacking you. 

There you have it. Now you know how to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest. Be sure to check out our other guides to help you out in your journey.