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How To Make Reinforced Fire In Sons of the Forest

It's time to put those crafting skills to the test. Here's how to make a Reinforced Fire in Sons of the Forest!
How To Make Reinforced Fire In Sons of the Forest

The long-awaited release of Sons of the Forest is finally here, and after a slightly rocky start, players are finally diving into the most popular survival horror game of the year. Of course, if you're one of those starting out, you'll want to know how to make a fire to keep you warm and cook food to survive.

We have previously covered how to make a Basic Fire, but now we will explain how to make a Reinforced Campfire in Sons of the Forest. You may be wondering what benefits this gives over the Basic Fire, right? Well, this fire is sturdier and comes with greater durability, so you will want to build it. So without any further ado, here's how to make a reinforced fire in Sons of the Forest!

How To Build Reinforced Fire In Sons of the Forest

Building a Reinforced Fire in Sons of the Forest isn't too different from building a Basic Fire. First, you will need to gather your resources: 1x Stick and 8x Rocks. These materials aren't very challenging to find and can be gathered by scouring around any area. For example, you can find Sticks on the ground or by using an Axe to chop down small bushes.


Once found, press 'I' to open your inventory and click on the Stick to equip it. Once equipped, left-click the mouse to break the Stick into two and place it on the ground, where you want your fire to go. Next, you will need to equip the Rocks from your inventory using the same method as above and place them on the ground in a circle around the sticks. 

The next step should be a no-brainer: light the fire using a Lighter. You can do this by going into the inventory again by clicking 'I' and left-clicking on your Lighter to equip it or by pressing 'L' on your keyboard. Now, with your Lighter equipped, look at your newly built structure and press 'E.'  And there we have it! You have yourself a newly built Reinforced Fire in Sons of the Forest! Keep your eyes peeled for more guides to help you survive in the wilderness.